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Our 90 Day Study On Congress

Fire on the Floor: The Rules, Conflict, and Debate that Fuel the United States Congress

Today’s Essay

Happy Birthday, James Madison! March 16, 1751 - Federalist Papers 51 & 53 - How The American People Hold Congress Accountable – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

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Madison examines various suggested mechanisms by which government might be constrained and liberty preserved. Drawing on the Americans’ experience with the British government as well as their own state governments, he rejects all as insufficient. Thus, formal declarations in state constitutions of the legislative power being vested in the legislature, the executive in a chief officer, and the judicial in the courts, are “a mere demarcation on parchment of the constitutional limits of the several departments” and would not suffice to prevent dangerous concentration of power.

Constituting America’s Mission

Our mission is to utilize the culture and multi-media outreach such as television, music, film, internet, and social media to reach, educate and inform America’s adults and students about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights.

Our multi-tiered approach features a contest for kids, a school speaking program, academic forums with Constitutional Scholars, and Patriot Clubs. Executive Director Juliette Turner reaches youth across America with her bestselling book, Our Constitution Rocks, and motivational speeches, videos and media interviews.

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Constituting America wishes to thank the generous donors who make our projects possible!

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‘We The Future’ Contest Winners

Our archive of winners is a microcosm of America’s greatness. Every year our contest welcomes and honors contestants of all ages, gender and race, to come together and celebrate the freedoms that are the fabric of our great nation.

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