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Robert & Doris Rice

Join Us! We Are Reading Washington, A Life, Now Through February 11, 2020! 

Our Constituting America Book Club is kicking off our newest book, “Washington: A Life” by the brilliant Robert Chernow. Please mark your calendars and click here to sign up now for November 12, our first of four Zoom meetings for this book. We will be discussing the first 200 pages.
Because the book is so long, we are reading the book 200 pages at a time, in four sessions, so mark your calendar for all our “Washington: A Life” book club meetings! All Thursdays at 7pm Eastern:

Join Us! Our Elementary School Students Are Reading Patriotic Pups! 

Our Constituting America Book Club  Elementary School students are reading Patriotic Pups by Nancy Arnold. Grab a copy from your local library or favorite online retailer and join us!
Our LIVE Zoom discussion will be on Thursday, December 3 at 7pm Eastern. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!
Patriotic Pups
Patriotic Pups is a lively retelling of the events of the American Revolution. Following the proceedings are endearing puppies that find homes with American patriots, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other great Americans. The pups follow their patriotic owners through the famous events of crossing the Delaware River, writing the Declaration of Independence, and other historical incidents. Nancy Arnold’s rhythmic recitation links the appeal of puppies to the importance of history in a way kids will enjoy and remember. These pups are an adorable family bunch and add their own fictional contributions to the founding of the United States.

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