Jessie Clement, Alumni

Clement was adopted into a musical family as an infant- a family chosen by her birth mother specifically for their musical sensibilities. What neither birth mother nor adoptive family could have chosen was Jessie’s ear and writing talent. The young artist behind the Spotify Discover Weekly picks “”Record Player”” and “”Waiting On The Sun”” has already produced the content to fill four solid records.

The first, Hey World, was released when she was 11. The second, Runaway Adventure, at 14. Her third, Record Player, was recorded when she was 16 and 17, and is now a fan favorite. Jessie’s primary influences are artists like James Taylor, John Mayer and Sara Bareilles -strong, thoughtful songwriters with folk roots; relaxed and real. Her writing style, like theirs, is timeless, deliberately avoiding pop culture images and tech references, and, instead, soulfully exploring universal themes that are at the same time uniquely personal. Anchored by her formidable guitar and piano skills.

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