Melissa Woodford, Alumni

A resident of Orlando, Florida and originally from New York, Melissa currently works as a sales associate and marketing specialist in medical implant sales, representing a sternal plating device for cardiothoracic surgeons. It is to help fuse the sternum back together again after open heart surgery. Prior to this job, she worked in communications and conservative politics. She is incredibly grateful to Constituting America for providing her with a platform that helped her better articulate her love of the Constitution in high school. It prepared her to later become the Turning Point USA Under 30 Speech Contest Winner in 2021 after college. Melissa enjoys organizing events and game nights for her church community as well as singing. Her relationship with Jesus is the most important thing about her. An alum of the University of Central Florida and Reformation Bible College, she loves the Central Florida area and doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon. Matthew 6:33 is her favorite verse.

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