Thank You To Our 39 Giving Tuesday Heroes!

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Why 39?

39 is the number of delegates who signed the U.S. Constitution at the Constitutional Convention!

Your generous gifts fund our Constitution Education Programs: The George Washington – We Are All Americans – School Speaking Program; “We The Future” Contest; our yearly 90 Day Online Studies of Founding Documents; Winner Mentor Trip and Winner Promotion: Impacting the Culture with the Constitution! Click here to read about the impact your gifts achieve!

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Constituting America’s “39” Giving Tuesday Heroes

John Bednarek

Laurie Behn

Michael and Niki Bennett

Jane Grace Bonvillain

Joe Burwell

Linda Bartlett

Ray Bromley

Deanna Carter

Cindy Clark

Sue Gibes Damsen

Geyer Dybesland

Edna Carr Eckel

John Emerich

David Fenstermaker

Lori Strong Forrest

Cathy Gillespie

Jean Gillespie

Joanne Gillespie Gibbs

Maura Gillespie

Tracy Gillespie

John Griffin

Don Hay

Richard Hayden

Amanda Hughes

Patrick Humphries

Kay Coles James

Bill Kohnke

Jenna Kraynak

Steve Larsen

George Mayo

Jay McConville

Atara MacNamara

Eric Meyers

Jim Morris

Wesley Ownby

Dawn Peltzer

Ed & Lisa Perez

Shanda Perkins

John and Jamie Radtke

David Rae

Heather Reams

Stephen Reddick

Sharyn Taets

Jeanette Wigness

Plus two anonymous gifts!

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