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Mollie McCreary

Our beloved Auction Coordinator Mollie McCreary has passed away, or transitioned, as she liked to say. Mollie worked for Constituting America from 2014  to just a few weeks before she passed. Mollie was a dear friend to us all at Constituting America, and to our wonderful donors who make our Constitution Education programs possible. Mollie […]

Horace Cooper

Horace Cooper is a senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board and a legal commentator. Horace averages over 400 talk radio appearances per year representing the National Center and Project 21, in addition to regular television appearances and interviews by the print media. He […]

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December 2, 1823: The Monroe Doctrine for United States Foreign Policy is Issued

The Monroe Doctrine remains one of the most influential foreign policy statements in United States history. The principles it espoused were largely consistent with the foreign affairs doctrine of non-interventionism in European affairs that were followed by the first U.S. presidents. Even by the twenty-first century, at times when U.S. geopolitical strategies were drastically different from those of the early nineteenth century, some foreign policy makers still invoked the Monroe Doctrine when prioritizing the spread of democracy and the well-being of the Western Hemisphere over other parts of the world. One of the key reasons for its longevity and success was because it established a foreign policy rooted in a combination of realism and idealism.

The Constitution Song Lyrics

A new country needs rules they say To govern and protect the people So our founders back in 1787 Created the rules that affect us today   The Constitution explains how our government works Each part with a specific role Three branches to check and balance each other, with Legislative, Judicial, Executive   Our Constitution […]


Ellen Francis

Ellen Francis is a sophomore in the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University, where she is pursuing a degree in Classics with minors in History and Philosophy. Ellen is originally from Tennessee, but is enjoying life in suburban Philadelphia. She enjoys reading, swing dancing, discussing theology with her friends, and drinking sweet tea. After graduation, […]

Dr. Robert Brescia

Dr. Robert Brescia currently serves as a Board Director (Past Chairman) at Basin PBS television, the American Red Cross of the Permian Basin (Past Chairman), the Southwest Heritage Credit Union, and the Salvation Army of Odessa. His experience includes top leadership roles in education, corporate business, non-profit, and defense sectors. He is a sought-after speaker […]

Nathan Copeland Best High School Stem

Nathan Copeland is a 14-year-old from San Antonio, Texas. He attends STEM Academy at Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School, where he enjoys entering STEM-related competitions, leading to him going to State Science Fair, placing 2nd overall in SA SMART City Challenge, and winning CivTech SA. He is also interested in the technological sector, […]

Tova Kaplan Best High School Stem

Tova Love Kaplan, 16, currently serves as the National Youth Director for Constituting America and is a three-time winner of the nonprofit’s “We the Future” contest. Her work with Constituting America has lead to incredible experiences at the Department of Education, White House, the United States Capitol, and Fortune 500 companies. Tova is heavily involved […]

Bob and Norma Freuer

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. William Kohnke for your very generous contribution in loving memory of Bob and Norma Freuer to sponsor our Best High School Song Winner. Click here to read Mr. and Mrs. Kohnke’s remembrance of Bob and Norma Freuer.  

Mr. John Herklotz

Constituting America thanks Mrs. Cindy Brinker Simmons for her generous contribution in honor of the memory of Mr. John Herklotz. Mr. Herklotz was a generous supporter of Constituting America. He not only helped fund our Constitution Education Programs, but also gave Constituting America many opportunities to promote our programs to his wide network through featuring […]

Mr. Martin Hubbard

March 3, 1937 – January 20, 2020 Constituting America thanks our board member Mrs. Janice Gauntt for her generous contribution in Mr. Hubbard’s memory.  Mr. Hubbard was one of the earliest supporters of Constituting America, making our 2010 Road Trip Across America possible with a generous gift. Mr. Hubbard’s granddaughter is our Best Artwork Judge, […]

James Quimby

Thank you to Dorothy Quimby for your generous gift in honor of Mr. James Quimby, your beloved husband. Click here for James Quimby’s obituary.

Marilyn Brink

Marilyn Brink was one of Constituting America’s first staff. She checked our P.O. Box and made deposits for us from 2010 to early 2019. Marilyn very generously donated most of her Constituting America duties, charging a very minimal fee. We will never forget Marilyn’s sense of humor and strong work ethic and are grateful for […]

Elyas Masrour Best High School PSA

Elyas Masrour is a 17-year-old from Long Island, New York. He attends Ward Melville High School where he participates in various clubs like FIRST Robotics, Environmental Club, DECA Business Competition, and the Muslim Students’ Association. Elyas is a creator at heart. Whether it’s designing a robot, organizing an event, or making a short film, he’s […]

Dakare Chatman Best High School Short Film

    Dakare C. Chatman is 16 years old and is a native of Charleston, South Carolina.  Dakare got his start in theatre. Some of his many roles include Ollie in Yes Virginia, Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, Prince Chufa Chulalongkorn in The King and I, Ralphie in A Christmas Story, and Seaweed J. […]

Chibuzor Onyeahialam Best College PSA

My name is Chibuzor Ernest Onyeahialam and I am a born citizen of the United States with parents that are originally from Nigeria. I go to school at the University of Houston and I am studying computer information systems. I have plans of gaining a career in the computer industry. I have an extreme love […]

Daniela Staton

    My name is Daniela Staton. I am a 6th grade honors student and I live in Delray Beach, Florida. I am passionate about singing, songwriting, piano, and playing volleyball and tennis. As libero on my volleyball team, we won first place at the 2020 South Florida Season Opener. At school, my favorite subject […]

Alexandra Gusinski Best Middle School PSA

ALEXANDRA GUSINSKI CV Alexandra Gusinski, a 12-year-old, residing in Greenwich, Connecticut – is a first-generation American born in Los Angeles, on December 25, 2007. She is of Israeli-Russian descent and is the granddaughter of Russian-Israeli media tycoon, Vladimir Gusinsky. As a nature and marine life enthusiast, at age ten she received her Junior PADI Open […]

The Impact Of Your Year End Gift!

“A house divided cannot stand.” That famous declaration of Abraham Lincoln’s looms large today. It seems like every day we receive further evidence of just how divided we are. Americans increasingly can’t agree on what our nation is, who it includes, how it should be governed, or what common values we honor and respect. In […]

Thank You To Our 39 Giving Tuesday Heroes!

Click Here to make your gift now and join the list! Why 39? 39 is the number of delegates who signed the U.S. Constitution at the Constitutional Convention! Your generous gifts fund our Constitution Education Programs: The George Washington – We Are All Americans – School Speaking Program; “We The Future” Contest; our yearly 90 […]

Brandon Vanderford

Brandon Vanderford is the CEO of  Vanderford Capital Research Group and a Crypto-Economist. Brandon is currently doing research and forecasting analysis of crypto-currency / commodity markets. Brandon has owned and operated a state-of-the-art recording studio and video production company in the DFW area for nearly 16 years. In that time he has worked with top […]

Victoria Bauman

Victoria Bauman is a successful creative entrepreneur. Her passion for the arts and creative expression began at an early age while attending a Waldorf School where the arts are fostered and connected to all aspects of the learning process. She continued her study in the arts while attending a high school specifically for the arts […]


Alexandra Gusinski, a 12-year-old, residing in Greenwich, Connecticut – is a first-generation American born in Los Angeles, on December 25, 2007. She is of Israeli-Russian descent and is the granddaughter of Russian-Israeli media tycoon, Vladimir Gusinsky. As a nature and marine life enthusiast, at age ten she received her Junior PADI Open Water Scuba Diver […]

Juliette Turner

Juliette Turner, daughter of actress Janine Turner, served as National Youth Director for Constituting America from 2010-2017. In 2017, she was appointed Executive Director. Juliette currently serves on the Constituting America Board of Directors. She is the author of Our Constitution Rocks (2012), Our Presidents Rock (2014), and the novel That’s Not Hay in My […]

Tim Bowling

Tim Bowling has nearly 30 years of experience in the Medical Device and Biotechnology Industry. He resides in Orlando Florida, and is currently Vice President of Sales for MicroGenDX, a company specializing in Molecular Diagnostics of Infectious Disease. Prior to his career in the medical industry, He served in the U.S. Army in the 24th […]

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Happy Bill of Rights Day! James Madison, the Bill of Rights & Political Compromise

As we celebrate the 227th anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights (December 15, 2018), American politics and civic life seems more and more divided. The founding generation often saw a political environment that was just as divided as ours, if not even more so. Virginia statesman James Madison gives us an example of principled compromise to achieve the principles of limited government and inalienable rights as he became the “father of the Bill of Rights.”

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President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor, and Whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee78 requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanks-giving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Miranda Chastain

Winner, Turner Maurice Gauntt, Jr. Exemplary Citizen Award Miranda Chastain is currently in her first year attending Texas A&M University but is already an academic sophomore due to earning over 30 hours of college credit while in high school. She is pursuing a degree in International Studies – Politics and Diplomacy Track, and will be […]

Michelle Neyrey

Winner, Best Constitution Lesson Plan  Michelle Neyrey, 50, Best Teacher Lesson Plan winner, was born in Louisiana now living in Kingwood, Texas with her husband Keith.  Michelle is a mother of twin boys. She has taught middle school for over 17 years in both private and public school.   She feels if students experience history through […]

Jorne Gilbert

Best College PSA By Jorne Gilbert Jorne Gilbert, 21, has spent the last two years of education at Muhlenberg College where he studied Music and was able make 30 tackles last year as a DE on the Mules Football Team. Jorne is proud to have participated in Constituting America and would like to thank those […]

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Freedom Of Speech Within Congressional Debates: John Quincy Adams & The Gag Rule, 1840s

Adams was exasperated and yelled, “Am I gagged?” He argued that the gag rule was a “direct violation of the Constitution of the United States, the rules of this House, and the rights of my constituents.” He declared the gag rule a threat to free, deliberative government: “The freedom of debate has been stifled in this House to a degree far beyond anything that ever has happened since the existence of the Constitution.”

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The Articles Of Confederation: The First Written Constitution Of The United States – Guest Essayist: George Landrith

After the decisive Battle of Yorktown in October of 1781 where General George Washington’s army defeated and captured the British army commanded by General Charles Cornwallis, the British sued for peace. America had finally won the independence that Jefferson had written about in his famous Declaration formalized by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. It took more than five years of war to win that freedom. Now came the difficult task of establishing a nation dedicated to the principles of freedom and self-government. 

Essay Schedule – Fire on the Floor: The Rules, Conflict, and Debate that Fuel the United States Congress

INTRODUCTION Day 1 – Introduction: The United States Congress And Its Place In Constitutional Government – Guest Essayist: Professor William Morrisey Day 2 – Introduction Part 2: The United States Congress Today – Guest Essayist: Professor William Morrisey CONGRESS: THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH Day 3 – Beginnings of The United States Congress as the Legislative Branch […]

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INTRODUCTION: The United States Congress And Its Place In Constitutional Government – Guest Essayist: William Morrisey

Against the arbitrary rule of George III, the American Founders opposed the rule of law. On the most fundamental level, in their Declaration of Independence, they appealed to the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God against tyrannical violations of the unalienable rights established by those laws. Eleven years later, in designing the human, conventional, constitutional law that reframed the federal government, the Founders established a republican regime intended to prevent the return of arbitrary rule to their country.

Why is Actress Janine Turner Speaking at the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy?

As an educator at The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas, I have the unique opportunity to touch the lives of over 160 young men in my 7th grade Texas History and 8th grade US History classes. Not long ago, we had actress Janine Turner founder and co-chair of of Constituting America come to my class to speak to our young men about the relevancy of the US Constitution today.


Dwayne Horner’s love of country and love of our U.S. Constitution drew him to become a part of Constituting America and its goal of educating America on the greatest gift given to us: the U.S. Constitution. Dwayne has been involved in all aspects of civic engagement from serving as a senior advisor to Governor Rick […]