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The Washington Times

Let it be noted: Pinocchio’s nose no longer grows when he lies. And it’s a real shame. For decades Pinocchio served as the shining example for youngsters like me, warning us to never lie. “If you lie,” our parents said, “everyone will find out, because your nose will grow like Pinocchio‘s!” Out of fear of having out nose extend far out of our face, we kept our tongue from slipping and our words honest.

But those days are now over. Pinocchio wished upon a star for a new nose. Today, Pinocchio has utilized the magic of modern medicine, paid for a nose job, and never again has to worry about his nose growing. Click here to read more!

Juliette Turner is the National Youth Director of Constituting America.

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  1. Publius Senex Dassault
    Publius Senex Dassault says:

    Juliette, no really it nailed it with this one!

    A problem people have, which you alluded to in “Unfortunately, Americans and the media are blinding their eyes in order to protect their desired candidate.”, is that people a extremely subject to what is called the “Anchoring Bias.” Once people decide they are for something, such as “I like this stock,” or “I am a fan of this baseball or that football team,” it become almost impossible to change their view. Doing so subconsciously suggest the person was never committed and ironically lying.

    The anchoring bias actually grows over time. People were asked if a 2 ft x 3 ft sign saying something “I am against the killing of baby seals” could be put in the front yard. Most refused, but would agree to a a much smaller 1 ft x 1½ ft sign saying “save baby seals.” After several months they not only willing, but enthusiast to have the larger sign installed AND were likely to make a contribution to the group placing he sing. Why? Simple they were inexplicably tied emotional and mentally to the cause they care nothing about just months prior. To pull up the sign was to commit personal integrity suicide.

    I see what you say every week in our local paper comment and call section. Democrats cite “facts and information” that paints democrats as righteous, fiscally responsible, honest, and republicans as the opposite. Republicans do the same. To anyone even slightly agnostic to both parties it is easy to see that both sides have valid points and ignore valid points. What every few acknowledge, but what you very eloquently highlighted is that both parties are missing the mark.

    Lastly, we do not accept responsibility for the elected. They ultimately are reflection of us as a society. The anchoring bias also makes it hard to criticize someone else for fear of being called out ourselves. When allow to go unchecked we are on your merry go round.

    Great use of humor to make a strong point and great summary paragraph.



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