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Lindsay Gallagher

Lindsay Gallagher is a senior at Spencerport High School in Spencerport, NY. She is the manager of her school’s bookstore, the Vice President of Competition for her DECA chapter, the president of her school’s Business Honor Society, the president of her Model UN team, and the founder and president of her school’s Girl Up Club. […]

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Dakare Chatman

Dakare C. Chatman was born on August 17th and is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. Dakare now resides in Lenoir, North Carolina, and is in the ninth grade. Dakare is a strong supporter of the fine arts and has appeared in many play productions. Some of his many roles include Ollie in “Yes Virginia,” […]

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Kevin Fernandes

Kevin Vicente is 17 years old, and attending the Boston Arts Academy in Boston, Massachusetts. Along side his artistic pursuits, he also has been programming since he was 12 years old, and is currently taking the advanced C++ programming course at Bunker Hill Community College. Outside of class, he likes to play video games and […]

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Kennedy Owens

Hi, my name is Kennedy Owens. I am 11 years old, in 6th grade, and attend Sergeant Paul R. Smith Middle School in Tampa, Florida. My hobbies include: swimming, creating art, playing computer games, and making apps and YouTube videos. My main inspiration behind the Constitution Classroom app was to provide a useful resource for […]

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Kevin McCraney

Kevin McCraney, 28, from Seattle, Washington. Kevin has experimented with narrative and media since he was young. Ever the consummate creator, he gained experience working with video and music by producing material for school projects and his personal travel blog. After traveling the world and documenting his adventures, he is currently attending the MS in […]

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Wesley Castillo

Wesley Castillo is a 17 year old student living in Inwood, WV. He is currently on his senior year at Musselman High School. In addition to his regular classes, he attends a program at James Rumsey Technical Institute where he studies Web Development & Gaming. Outside of his classes he likes to record videos, play […]

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Cole Ritter

Based in Gallatin, TN, 17 year old Cole Ritter is a talented musician who started violin lessons at age 3. A skilled musician, he plays a wide variety of stringed instruments, writes music, and sings. He also is versatile in musical genres with influences from classical, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, rock ‘n’ roll, and Indie. […]

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Katherine Plotz

Katherine Plotz, 17, is from Chehalis, Washington, but currently resides in Tokyo and is in the 12th grade at The American School in Japan. Her passion for piano started at the age of three, and has influenced her fascination with mathematics, which she hopes to continue studying in college. She is in her school’s jazz […]

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Alissa Dorman

Alissa Dorman is currently a senior at Madison High School in Rexburg, Idaho. Alissa has always loved to write, from her first poetry contest in third grade to her We The Future entry. However, writing isn’t her only hobby. Alissa loves science, and she also loves to play the piano and the violin. Alissa is […]

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Mallory Doyle

Mallory Doyle, 13, is an 8th Grader at Holy Trinity Catholic Academy in Shelton, CT. She is a member of the Junior National Honor Society and has participated in Student Council, Drama Club, Peer Tutoring and Math League. With a strong foundation in academics and faith, she volunteers and actively participates in community service activities. […]

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Tova Love Kaplan

Tova Love Kaplan, 13, is an eighth grader in the Chicago Public School system and attends one of the most established and competitive middle schools in the nation. Tova is also a professional actor with a musical theater background and featured roles at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Mercury Theater Chicago, the Chicago Symphony […]

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Joshua and Taylor Landgraf

  My name is Joshua Landgraf and I am 11 years old and 6th grade student at Eubanks Intermediate School in Southlake, Texas. My interests include writing graphic novels, sketching and drawing 3-dimensional art, playing tennis, playing with my three siblings and I have a voracious appetite for reading, especially mythology of all types. I […]

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Gabriella Tommasi

My name is Gabriella Tommasi, and I am 11 years old. I have had a passion for music since I can remember!  I love playing electric guitar most of all, but also play piano, drums and just this year, I have begun to play the trombone in the Eubanks Intermediate School band. I do more […]

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Jackson Lipschutz

Jackson Lipschutz, 10, is a fourth grader at Corbett Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida. He lives with his two sisters, his parents and his French Bulldog, Captain. His favorite subjects are writing, history and science. He enjoys playing the drums, creating art and also reading. He is a Boy Scout and loves the outdoors. Jackson […]

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McConnell Gorman

McConnell Gorman, 11 years old , lives in Colleyville, Texas. He attends Grapevine Faith Christian School and is in the fifth grade. He loves sports and plays tackle football. When he is not playing sports, he loves drawing. He enjoys drawing both realistic and cartoon compositions. He considers himself blessed to have won this art […]

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Cason McIntyre

Cason McIntyre, age 7, is a first grader at Estes Park Elementary School in Estes Park, Colorado. While he very much enjoys reading and art at school, he would say his favorite subject is recess! He spends many hours pouring over books or with a colored pencil in hand, working on his next masterpiece. He […]

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Lena McIntyre

Lena McIntyre, age 9, is a fourth grader at Estes Park Elementary School in Estes Park, Colorado. Her favorite subjects in school are science and art and she stays very active with choir and basketball. Outside of school, she expresses her creative side through art and dance. Living in Colorado also allows for many fun […]


Politicians and lies: Pinocchio got a nose job

By Juliette Turner – – Friday, February 19, 2016 The Washington Times Let it be noted: Pinocchio’s nose no longer grows when he lies. And it’s a real shame. For decades Pinocchio served as the shining example for youngsters like me, warning us to never lie. “If you lie,” our parents said, “everyone will find […]


Millennials’ time to choose

By Juliette Turner – – Friday, February 12, 2016 The Washington Times If one were to look through the list of America’s past presidents, one would quickly conclude that many of the men who held our nation’s highest office would not have reached the Oval Office if they ran today. For example, James Madison’s soft […]

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The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America

July 4, 1776 When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect […]

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Introductory Essay To “The Classics That Inspired The Constitution”

When in 1863 Abraham Lincoln began his address at Gettysburg battlefield with the phrase, “Four score and seven years ago,” he reminded his fellow citizens that their cause in the Civil War was also the cause of 1776.  In the year of America’s birth, Lincoln stated, “Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new […]