Melanie McNair – Best Middle School STEM Winner

My name is Melanie and I’m in the 8th grade. I enjoy creative STEM projects, coding and watching movies.

I am the student council Vice-President at my school. In 2018 and 2019, I won grants from the City of Las Vegas Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program (YNAPP) which rewards grants to youth who want to make positive changes in their neighborhoods. I completed projects to help youth with special needs in my community. In 2020, I was selected and honored to serve as a Youth member of the board for YNAPP.

I currently hold a 4.0 GPA in Advanced and Leadership classes at my school and was named student of the month for September.

Read About Melanie’s Winning Stem Project In Her Own Words!

I am so excited to share with you my United States Constitution Middle School STEM Project! I am a “STEM Girl” who enjoys building websites and robots!  I’m currently in Robotics in school and will take Advanced STEM next semester. That’s why I knew I had to do the STEM Project to talk about our country’s beautiful constitution.

Here is my website!

Here are the results of the Quiz and Survey!

Quiz Results:

Survey Results:

On my website, you will see beautiful colorful backgrounds, videos, quotes, photos, a quiz, and a survey. I had so much fun finding everything and adding them to my site. I chose the backgrounds of red, white, and blue because they represent our flag which stands for freedom. The quote from Abraham Lincoln is so inspirational to me because he knew, even back then, the importance of the constitution.

Please make sure to click under the “Click Here to Learn More” buttons because I have a video.  These videos of previous Presidents like Ronald Reagan, I believe, are important to our country’s history of freedom. The video of Abraham Lincoln is my favorite because it comes from Disneyland’s “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” presentation.  Every time my family visits Disneyland, we would watch the presentation and talk about how we are so proud to be American.

Thank you for holding the workshop! I live in Las Vegas so I was in school for part of it but what I was able to go to, gave me more information about the importance of Freedom of Speech. I learned it is very important to hold up the Constitution, even if it is different than what the media is saying. Also, I learned how the United States Constitution plays a huge role in our civil liberties as American citizens.

What I enjoyed most about making this website was having a quiz and survey for anyone to take!  I found out wonderful information about what people think and how much people currently know about our American Constitution.

I plan to implement this information in my everyday life by being proud to be an American and make others aware that the American Constitution stands for freedom.

Thank you for the opportunity to make this website and share it with you and a whole lot of people across the United States.

Our Interview With Melanie!

Was this the first time you entered the contest?
Yes, this is the first time I have entered this contest.

How did you hear about the contest?
I heard about it online.

What inspired your work?
The Disneyland ride/show “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” because of the technology in the show and the incorporation of America’s freedoms.

What did you learn while creating your entry?
I learned interesting facts about the Constitution that I didn’t even realize before doing this project. I also learned how to format a website better. Also, the importance of “creative commons” videos that you can use to not have copyright issues.

How do you plan to spread the word this year to your peers about the importance of the U.S Constitution?
I will talk to others in my classes about the Constitution and how it is important for everyone.

How do your friends respond to history or talking about the Constitution?
We all believe it’s important to the United States and Our freedoms.

What do you love about U.S. History and the forming of our government?
I love U.S. History because it reminds me of our past and how we became who we are today. History is being made everyday and we are able to vote on candidates that form our government.

Which U.S. historical site would you like to visit?
Lincoln Memorial or Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Which American historical figure is most influential/inspirational to you?
George Washington, because he helped found the country we live in today.

Who is your greatest role model?
My local city Councilwoman Michele Fiore because she is kind and helped me put in the first wheelchair swing in a public park in the City of Las Vegas.

What in your life are you most passionate about?
I have a passion for learning new ideas or information every week. For example, in STEM we attempt various ways to solve a problem which makes me learn new information all the time.

How do you spend your free time?
During my free time, I enjoy watching interesting shows/movies, talking to my friends, and trying new travel/food experiences.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future, I plan to go to college and major in the medical field. I am considering becoming a doctor or biomedical engineer.

If you could do one super impactful thing to help people, what would it be?
Create a medical device that would help people with thyroid issues or cancer.

Why is the Constitution relevant today?
The constitution is relevant today because it provides us with freedoms like speech and voting rights.

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