Kristine Le – Winner, Best Poem

Hello, my name is Kristine Le, and I am a 5th grader from California! Right now, I am 10 years old, but for too long because it is almost my birthday. I really like reading fiction novels and drawing art in my free time. I consider myself a bookworm because I love reading books. In the summer, I usually participate in the public library reading contest. As a matter of fact, I am honored to be a member of the One Million Word Club of my school district. During the summer, I like to swim because I have so much fun whenever I splash against the cool water in a pool. In addition, I also like to hang out with my friends. One of my special accomplishments is that I received a perfect score on the ELA section on the state test. My favorite sport is tetherball, which I play at school almost every day. I enjoy it very much because I feel that it helps strengthen my eye-hand coordination. My favorite animal is a dog because I myself have a precious dog named Toby. Sometimes, my family and I take him on walks around my neighborhood or the park. Whenever I go to my after-school program, I pick up the trash on the ground so it will be safe and clean for any animals that enter the school. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity!

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