Kristine Le – Winner, Best Poem

Hello, my name is Kristine Le, and I am a 5th grader from California! Right now, I am 10 years old, but for too long because it is almost my birthday. I really like reading fiction novels and drawing art in my free time. I consider myself a bookworm because I love reading books. In the summer, I usually participate in the public library reading contest. As a matter of fact, I am honored to be a member of the One Million Word Club of my school district. During the summer, I like to swim because I have so much fun whenever I splash against the cool water in a pool. In addition, I also like to hang out with my friends. One of my special accomplishments is that I received a perfect score on the ELA section on the state test. My favorite sport is tetherball, which I play at school almost every day. I enjoy it very much because I feel that it helps strengthen my eye-hand coordination. My favorite animal is a dog because I myself have a precious dog named Toby. Sometimes, my family and I take him on walks around my neighborhood or the park. Whenever I go to my after-school program, I pick up the trash on the ground so it will be safe and clean for any animals that enter the school. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity!

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Our Interview With Kristine

Was this the first time you entered the contest
This is the first time I have heard about this contest.

How did you hear about the contest?
When my sister mentioned such an impressive contest to me, I was so ecstatic because it gave me a chance to share my knowledge!

What inspired your work?
I took a combination of what I learned from the news channel and the history workbook I was given in school.

What did you learn while creating your entry?
I learned that the Constitution has given so many rights to American citizens.

How do you plan to spread the word this year to your peers about the importance of the U.S Constitution?
I will talk about it with them whenever I can.

How do your friends respond to history or talking about the Constitution?
My friends don’t seem involved with Constitution talk because they are unfamiliar with it.

What do you love about U.S History and the forming of our government?
I love how they balance and work as a great team to make our nation thrive.

Which U.S. historical site would you like to visit?
I would like to visit the Statue of Liberty in New York to learn more about the area because it seems to have a lot of history.

Which American historical figure is most influential/inspirational to you?
My favorite inspirational historical figure is Susan B. Anthony because she was a part of the women’s rights movement, which is extremely important. Without her, who knows what women would be doing right now?

Who is your greatest role model?
My greatest role model is my mom because she gives me advice and takes care of me throughout my life.

What in your life are you most passionate about?
For me, reading books is what makes me most passionate. One of my favorite books is called “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by J.K. Rowling.

How do you spend your free time?
My free time is spent playing outside, with my family, or playing a game called Roblox.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future, I want to enroll in a good college and major in genetics.

If you could do one super impactful thing to help people, what would it be?
If I were able to, I would want to cure cancer to help people live better lives.

Why is the Constitution relevant today?
The Constitution is relevant today because it helps connect all the fifty states!

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