Kristin Tokarev

Kristin is a graduate student at Northwood University, a private, free-enterprise school. She studied economics in her undergrad and is currently working on her master’s degree in science with a concentration in business analytics. She lives in Michigan with her family, although she is a seasoned traveler. She grew up across several states and even spent most Summers in Bulgaria (where her family is originally from). A particular interest of hers is public policy, specifically, the unintended consequences of legislation. She feels fortunate enough to have the ability to pursue internships with various think-tanks, allowing her to analyze and discern the costs that regulations impose on the people.

Since starting her academic career at Northwood at the age of 13, Kristin has enjoyed studying the importance of limited government and has learned to appreciate the values laid out in the Constitution by our founding fathers. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, the outdoors, and traveling around the world with her dog.

Regarding her future, Kristin hopes to pursue a career where she can reach a younger generation and help instill a passion for public policy and the importance of protecting our liberty through video production.


Watch Kristin’s Winning PSA Below:

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