Hi, my name is Kennedy Owens. I am in 7th grade and I attend Sergeant Smith Middle School in Tampa, Florida. In my spare time, I really like editing videos, drawing original characters, reading webtoons, and writing stories. What convinced me to make the “Constitution Coloring” business plan was so I could provide a resource for kids to learn about the Constitution in a fun way. Also, I wanted to make a product that kids could use even if they don’t have access to technology. I am again very thankful for this opportunity.

Click Here To View Kennedy’s Winning Project – The Constitution Coloring Book!

Click Here to Download Kennedy’s Winning Marketing Plan For The Coloring Book 

Watch Kennedy discuss her winning work, as well as her experiences with Constituting America, here!

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  1. Demetrix Rostick-Owens
    Demetrix Rostick-Owens says:

    Way to go! Constituting America is a great program and provides a wonderful opportunity for students to explore and share their thoughts on the Constitution.

  2. Ga Rostick
    Ga Rostick says:

    Very impressive young lady, you have a headstart in recognizing the rights to which you have been granted by this country. May you be part of a bigger stage to share with others.


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