Marie Li, 17, dreams every day of the wild possibilities and improvements scientific innovation can bring to her community and the ways they can be achieved. Excited by the potential of STEM, Marie dedicates herself towards serving the community through scientific innovation which provides her with challenging problems, new opportunities, and surprising solutions that she is more than happy to take on.

Outside of her scientific passions, Marie enjoys figure skating, fencing, exploring new perspectives through music and learning languages, painting with watercolors, constructing glass mosaics, and traveling.

Yet above all, Marie hopes to push the boundaries of human knowledge at a university by studying environmental engineering and material sciences while gaining an understanding of international relations to one day transform the current global resources landscape by formulating comprehensive solutions through scientific innovation.

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  1. Danette
    Danette says:

    Impressive, Miss Li! I remediated my understanding of our government 3 times to get a perfect score – haha. Thank you for improving my knowledge. Congratulations and good luck!


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