Aubrey Jackman was born and raised in Tooele, Utah. Growing up, she loved being the middle of seven children in her family. After High School, Aubrey served an 18-month volunteer mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Seattle, Washington area. Aubrey enjoys spending her free time playing sports, such as basketball and tennis. She is an avid sports fan and aspires to be an athletic coach in the future. She now attends Brigham Young University with her husband, Makay. Aubrey is a Junior, majoring in Family Studies but has always enjoyed exploring technology and finding new ways to create.

Aubrey describes her STEM Project: 

To summarize my STEM project, I realized that a lot of people do not know simple facts about the United States Constitution. I created an online website, quiz, and study help to aid those interested in becoming more familiar with the Constitution. I wanted to design a website that would catch the attention of my peers in order to increase their excitement about this vital document. I wanted to promote the Constitution in a way that would inspire this website and survey’s visitors to gain more understanding of the importance of this lasting document. This is the link to the website:
Included on the website is a quiz I created. I chose some questions that most people do not generally know, in an effort to help them realize they need to know more! This quiz also contains simple facts that each of us should know and understand. It is important to understand how our rights are protected and how our government is run. We are blessed to have this organized document that fulfills that need. A direct link to the survey I created is here:
To make learning convenient, on the website I created an option to click on a button labeled “study here” which directly sends the user to a “Quizlet” page. Here, I created digital flash cards with simple facts about the United States Constitution and its amendments. This gives the user several choices and styles of learning to best fit their personal learning needs. This is the direct link to that Quizlet study guide and flashcards:
Toward the bottom of the website, I created a timeline visual aid of the dates that each amendment was added to the Constitution. This helped me better understand how the Constitution is a living document and I hope this timeline will teach others the same truth. I also included another option to learn more by clicking a direct link to where I myself have found new and interesting information about the United States Constitution.
Results of the survey from 65 participants can be found at this link:
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