Natalie Doelman – Winner, Best Essay

Natalie is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in agribusiness with a concentration in food marketing and certificate in public policy. She calls the beautiful Washington State home, where she grew up milking cows on her family’s dairy farm, surfing and hiking in God’s creation, and developing a love for American political history. Specifically, her interest lies in the American revolution and the foundational government (her Benjamin Franklin costume is still in her closet!). She is incredibly grateful to have been immersed in this eclectic assortment of interest areas. After graduating amid the COVID restrictions of 2020, she packed her bags and headed to Indiana for college.

Since coming to Purdue, Natalie has enjoyed studying the intersection of agriculture and politics through an economic lens. She has pursued internships in policy and economics, continued political advocacy, and, of course, remained steadfast in her earnest pursuit of constitutional and governmental knowledge through her time in college. In her free time, she enjoys reading, being outside, and spontaneous ice cream runs with her roommates.
Blending her interests in dairy and policy, Natalie plans on pursuing a career where she works to improve the public perception and economic viability of dairy and American agriculture through policy.

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