I am a person that believes that students are the greatest gift and hope that we have in our world. We need to educate them so that everyone’s future is brighter. Being a teacher of students and other teachers is a great gift.

I have taught 8th grade U.S. History and 7th grade Texas History at Kingwood Middle School and Timberwood Middle School in Humble ISD since August 2006, including Honors-Gifted and Talented, Co Taught and on-level classes. Prior to Timberwood, I taught 5th through 8th grade students in a private school in Slidell, Louisiana for 7 years. Teaching assignments there included History, Reading, Bible and Art. The History classes included World Cultures, U.S. History, and Louisiana History.

My teaching experience has allowed me to be creative and, at the same time, learn the fundamentals of working with children. I have written and won grants to bring heightened engagement to my classroom through technology. I have created curricula that has been applied to the classroom and differentiated for the varying levels of students.

I have presenting at local, Regional and state Conferences sharing the lessons that I have created. I also mentor teachers throughout the school year with lessons. I have been an iCivics educator since 2017. I was named the Social Studies Supervisor for 2018, on the National Humanities Education board 2022 and I have been a consultant for the Summer Civics Institute for Texas Public Policy since 2018.

As I’ve worked in teaching History I’ve begun to be even more passionate about engaging students with curricula designed for all learning styles and levels of learners. The enjoyment I receive working with children as well as other teachers, and the commitment I have to enhancing their academic experience and making it an enjoyable and successful one.

I am a Social Studies Specialist for Spring ISD. I now interact with teachers and students. I write curriculum and differentiate curriculum for a variety of learners. I coach teachers and offer Professional Development for teachers of my district as well as at Social Studies Conferences. I organize speakers to come into our schools as field experiences for our students and organize projects and competitions for the District.

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