Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Howdy from Texas! Welcome to our third week of “90 in 90 – History Holds the Key to the Future.” I can’t believe it is the third week. I thank you for joining us and for all of your thought provoking blogs!! I thank William B. Allen for his wonderful, insightful essays. How lucky we are to have his participation. Thanks William!

This is such an important collaboration! Spread the word about our national conversation and don’t forget to do the readings of the day with your children and/or loved ones! Also, don’t forget to encourage your children to join our We the People 9.17 Contest. Scholarships, Travel, Public Appearances!!

My interpretation of John Jay’s Federalist Paper No. 4 is unity provides strength and strength provides a strategic defense. A strong defense promotes peace, respect and profitable commerce. If a foreign country senses weakness or internal strife then it will be more likely to strike.
The wolf waits for a sheep to separates from the herd before it attacks, attacking only when the sheep is defenseless and without aid.

Relevant today? I say yes. Are we, as patriots, adequately united for the common good? Are we strong economically? Are we strong militarily? Are our representatives ready to face our adversaries with competence and preparedness? Are we truly united as brothers and sister, counties, regions, states? Are we so myopic in our domestic mire that we have lost sight of the wolf? On the wave of the wind wails the wolf. Do we hear it? Are we listening?

God Bless,

Janine Turner

2 Responses to “May 32010 – Federalist No4 – Janine Turner

  1. The news coming out of New York at this very moment about the arrest of a suspect in the attempt to detonate a car bomb in Times Square indicates just how relevant John Jay’s Federalist Paper No4 is today. We must never let our guard down.

    That our enemies all over the world are willing to and want to wage war as soon as we show weakness was demonstrated this weekend.

    As the famous flag says so succinctly, ‘Unite or Die’.

  2. Well said Janine Turner!!! and thanks for this opportunity.



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