Lindsey Larkin

Lindsey Larkin is a Rhetoric and Media major from Abingdon, MD. At Hillsdale College, she is a George Washington Fellow and a Kehoe Family Initiative for Entrepreneurial Excellence Fellow. Lindsey also interns in the College’s Public Relations office. On campus, she has been a member of the Student Federation, Federalist Society, Charger Cheerleading, and worked as a phone agent at the Hillsdale College Contact Center and as an assistant in the Lifelong Learning Department. Additionally, Lindsey operates a video production company specializing in short films, documentaries, and marketing videos.

Outside of Hillsdale, she serves as a substitute panelist on Constituting America’s Constitutional Chats podcasts and was a previous We the Future National High School Short Film contest winner. Recently, Lindsey worked on a documentary team to produce two historical documentaries, the first of which is titled “Hillsdale Student, American Hero: How Elizebeth Smith Friedman Beat the Mob & Won the War.” The Second titled “The Funding Father.” She is grateful for all of the wonderful people and opportunities at Hillsdale College and to Constituting America for their support!

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