Howdy from Texas. Cathy and I are so excited that we have had so many contest entries! I thank all of you who have actively participated in spreading the word about our We the People 9.17 Contest.

I encourage all of you to spread the word about our necessity as citizens to know the United States Constitution and our rights!

I do it throughout the day, with these essays but also I take advantage of every moment to share my enthusiasm. Yesterday, I was quizzing the guys at Starbucks about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It was amazing to watch their wheels turn as they tried to remember. They were clear on a few things. I promptly gave them my RAPPS acronym about the First Amendment: Freedom: of Religion, to Assemble, to Petition, of Press and of Speech! I pulled out my Constitution App on my phone and we continued to talk about other aspects of the Constitution.

At my nephews 18th birthday party last night, I asked the young 17 year old next to me if he knew about the United States Constitution. He seemed a bit dazed and confused. I handed him a business card with our website and told him that he was the future of the country and he was going to HAVE to know his rights!!! ☺

So see, all day long we can plant the seeds. Someday, a few years from now, that young man will remember the “crazy, Constitution lady” and will reflect, when his rights are impeded and his country is broke, “oh, so, THIS is what she was talking about!”

We MUST educate our children. They are the future “genius of the people” and they must have the knowledge of our country’s foundation and thesis in order to take action.

As John Adam’s said, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge of the people.”

I say, “Knowledge is to power what action is to results.”

So today’s reading was fascinating, as always.

In Federalist Paper No. 50, James Madison talks about how reason was, “distracted by the rage of the party.”

This is certainly relevant to today. Our representatives lack the cool, calm, pacific stage of reason that reaps crucial objectivity; an objectivity that holds within its breast the future of our country and the future of our children’s lives.

However, at times, the salt and pepper of parties is a necessary seasoning.

In Federalist Paper No. 50, James Madison says, “an extinction of parties necessarily implies either a universal alarm for the public safety, or an absolute extinction of liberty.”

If there is no diversity of thought then that means the singular thought is under the persuasive power of tyranny.

James Madison thus concludes that diversity of party is a necessity, though passions should be unified in purpose for a continual, everlasting respect for the Constitutional constructs and for the governing of the people and preservation of liberty.

Being a realist, however, he recognized that passions of men die-hard. Thus, the men of Congress, who are intrinsically involved in the process, the predicament, may not be the best to resolve the situation regarding the Constitutional violation assessment or the Constitutional amendment process.

He then calls on outsiders who are educated on the constructs and crisis at hand and thus better able to serve the cause because they are removed from the passions of the legislature. Hence, a convention of the people may at times be the answer such as the Constitutional Convention of 1787 which was made up of men who were not all necessarily at the time employed by Congress.

This leads us back to James Madison’s words in Federalist No. 49, “The people are the only legitimate fountain of power.”

It is dangerous to think about calling a Constitutional Convention because of the dangerous route it may take. An honest assessment may turn into to a stranglehold by attorneys, and men of disrepute, who could swerve the Convention away from its original intent. Yet, it is empowering to know that the option is available.

Knowledge is to power what action is to results.

God bless,

Janine Turner

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010


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