My name is Isabel Crews.  I have written many essays for numerous contests including Constituting America.  One essay is called “What Makes America Great” for Veterans of Foreign Wars, and I received second place.  Two other essays were for Daughters of the American Revolution and a leadership essay for MSHSAA.  Not only have I entered essay contests, but I have also entered other contests such as math for Scholastics, first place for a video contest for Council for Drug Free Youth, and second place two different times for an art contest.  Currently I am working on a science contest for Engineer Girl as well as practicing for Youth Bible Drill that I am enrolled in.  Some of my other accomplishments are having a 4.0 in Middle School for my 6th grade year and so far for my 7th grade year.  I also participate in cross country and track for Middle School as well as am part of track club in the summertime.  As part of my family’s track club, my sisters and I have been named All American National Junior Olympic Medalists for two years in a row now.

Thank you for the opportunities that are ahead of me for winning the Constituting America
essay contest.  I am so excited for the trip and all that it will hold.

Read Isabel’s Winning Essay Here.

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