Howdy from Arizona! We just pulled into a bus stop to get gas and our Constituting America RV Bus caught a lot of people’s attention! They love the Constitution in Arizona.

Federalist Paper No. 76 enthralls me. Once again the relevancy is amazing! Who says the Constitution is not relevant today or the Federalist Papers are antiquated?

I dare say, they have not read them or they would never dream of uttering such words!

In relation to the appointment of officers the wisdom of Alexander Hamilton is timely.

“Hence, in every exercise of the power of appointing to offices, by an assembly of men, we must expect to see a full display of all the private and party likings and dislikes, partialities and antipathies, attachments and animosities, which are felt by those who compose the assembly. The choice which may at any time happen to be made under such circumstances, will of course be the result either of a victory gained by one party over the other, or of a compromise between the parties.”

Relevant? I say, yes! The following phrase is fascinating.

“In either case, the intrinsic merit of the candidate will be too often out of sight. In the first, the qualifications best adapted to uniting the suffrages of the party, will be more considered than those which fit the person for the station.”

Alexander Hamilton’s political savvy is revealed in the following phrase.

“In the last, the coalition will commonly turn upon some interested equivalent: “Give us the man we wish for this office, and you shall have the one you wish for that.” This will be the usual condition of the bargain.”

This phrase of Alexander Hamilton is revealing and relevant.

“And it will rarely happen that the advancement of the public service will be the primary object either of party victories or of party negotiations.”

Rare are the men who put country before self-interests.

God Bless,

Janine Turner
Sunday, August 15th, 2010


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