“Best Drama” In Constituting America’s “We The Future” Short Film Category

My name is Yashica Nabar, 16, and I’m in 11th grade attending the Law Academy at Creekview High School. I still have memories of when I was seven years old and would run around my house, creating small films to show my family and friends. Most kids my age enjoyed taking part in sports like basketball, soccer and track. However, I enjoyed finding little ways to spread a message to people around the world. I always found myself having a deep admiration for singing, dancing and public speaking as it gives you a platform to express every feeling that can possibly be expressed! I got my first emceeing gig when I was twelve years old. This experience unlocked an “ah hah” moment of excitement for using my words to make a positive impact on others. Twelve years old was also the age that I appeared on Chopped Junior, a cooking competition on Food Network Channel. The second that I walked into my first interview in front of the camera, I knew that this was the field that I wanted to go into. The ambience of preparing a television production from setting up the equipment to the hot coffee in the hands of the entire crew, the pure bliss that has to do with being behind and in front of the camera can’t be matched by any other type of excitement in the world. That’s why creating a short film for Constituting America’s “We The Future Contest” was an opportunity that I had to take!

In the future, I hope to go on to spread positive messages on television as a talk show host or as a political journalist. No matter what anyone desires to pursue in their future, Constituting America is the place to learn more about the opportunities, morals and values that our country holds, along with of course…The Constitution of America! Thank you Constituting America for allowing me and thousands of other kids an opportunity to get the platform to make positive change in our country and to make possible our dreams to pursue a higher education!

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