Constituting America Book Club – This Week – Miracle at Philadelphia

Thursday, September 24, at 7PM EDT/6PM CDT

Thank You To Our Sponsors: Robert and Doris Rice of Pennsylvania

Does this book look worn? It’s been read! Read Catherine Drinker Bowen’s Miracle At Philadelphia with us and join us for our Book Club Meeting: Tuesday, September 24, 7pm ET You don’t have to have read the book to attend! Attendees are not on camera but you may add your questions and comments to the Q&A! Moderated by Actress Janine Turner, with panelists Tova Kaplan, Dakare Chatman and Cathy Gillespie, Constituting America’s Book Club discusses books for all ages!

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Constituting America Book Club Hosts

Janine Turner

Actress Janine Turner is famous for her role as Maggie O’Connell in televisions’ Northern Exposure. She is the Founder and Co-President of Constituting America which launched in 2010. She is still acting but she is also actively teaching kids about the U.S. Constitution given over 540 speeches to classrooms across the country.

Cathy Gillespie

Cathy Gillespie is the co-president of Constituting America and one of 16 private citizens serving on the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission, helping organize the celebration of our country’s 250th birthday in 2026! She is a former Congressional Chief of Staff and former Commissioner of the White House Fellows Commission.

Tova Love Kaplan

Tova Love Kaplan is sixteen years old and lives in Chicago, Illinois. She currently serves as the National Youth Director for Constituting America, and runs the National Youth Advisory Council. She is a three-time winner of the “We the Future” contest in the Entrepreneurial (where she created a marketing plan), PSA (entitled “Know Your Rights. Read The Constitution”) and STEM  (where she created an app). She is passionate about educating and empowering young people to use their constitutional rights!


Dakare Chatman

Constituting America Student Ambassador Dakare Chatman is 16 years old, and is currently a junior, full-time college student in South Carolina. He has won Constituting America’s We The Future Contest twice, once for best PSA where he reminded viewers the Constitution is “An American Thing, So Know It” and twice for his short film “Man On The Street.” He is also actively involved in our National Youth Advisory Board. He’s a working actor seen most recently in HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones and on April 15 in Netflix’s: Outer Banks. Dakare wishes to be an actor, but also a politician. But says you must be an actor to be a politician.