Thomas Norton, 10, lives in Grapevine, TX. He’s a 4th grader at Grapevine Faith Christian School and lives with his parents, big sister, and dog, Molly. He has always loved art and enjoys drawing lifelike pictures as well as things from his imagination.

When he’s not drawing, he can usually be found playing Minecraft or creating something. He recently earned his black belt in karate and also plays baseball and basketball. He loves attending Bible club and looks forward to his weekly art lesson.

Thomas wants everyone to know his winning artwork of a Marine saluting the flag is his depiction of his grandpa who served in the Marine Corps for 23 years. He is truly honored to be selected as this year’s winner and knows his grandpa would be proud.

View Artwork Here.

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  1. Greg Ready
    Greg Ready says:

    Awesome artwork!

    I am very proud of you Thomas and I know your Grand Pa is also as he watches from heaven. God Bless and Semper Fi


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