Stanley Doyle Agee

JANUARY 23, 1944 – NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Constituting America thanks:

Janice Gauntt

Barbara Edstrom

Cathy Gillespie

For your generous donations in Mr. Agee’s name.


Mr. Agee was Constituting America Founder Janine Turner’s uncle and board member Janice Gauntt’s brother. “Stan was known for his robust, positive spirit. He was an avid reader, intellectually curious, and a dedicated hard worker. He was a very generous man to many. There was never a doubt of his deep affection for his family, country, state or city. He beamed with pride at the mere mention of his family, who were the center of his life.” Click Here to view Mr. Agee’s Obituary and learn more about his remarkable life and legacy. Click here to make a donation in Mr. Agee’s name.

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