Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Howdy from Texas. I thank you for joining us today! I, also thank Professor W.B. Allen for his essay. As I was reading his essay today I realized how grateful I am that he has graced us with his wisdom and that he, and our other guest scholars, have so deftly interpreted the meaning of the Federalist Papers. Isn’t it wonderful?

I hope you are checking out the Daily Behind the Scenes Videos that I am filming, editing and uploading every night! They are on the website – it’s the box on top of the “90 in 90 = 180” box – the top, center of the home page. I am wearing a red dress. I am really enjoying filming this every night and writing the daily essays, but I am getting no sleep!!!

Cathy, my co-chair, has written such inspirational essays. Thanks Cathy. You are a true American Patriot – as are all of you who are joining us! Please spread the word about our “90 in 90” and our “We the People 9.17 Contest” for kids!!

Today’s reading continues to focus on union and the danger we would face from Europe if we did not unite.

Strength in numbers and unity through diversity is a true American-ism.

One of the greatest miracles is that America won the Revolutionary War, but also, and no less importantly, that America survived her infancy and was directed by brilliant forefathers who were touched by Divine Providence. The United States Constitution was a miracle as well.

There are a couple of Alexander Hamilton’s phrases that caught my attention today:

The spirit of enterprise which characterizes the commercial part of America, has left no occasion of  displaying itself unimproved.

“The spirit of enterprise..” this is the heart and soul of Americans. We were hard working survivors with an independent streak that gave us the courage to cross the oceans to live in an inconceivable wildernesses and the adventurousness to cross the plains in covered wagons to endure an untamed land. Americans were of a fearless stock driven by an unbridled spirit.

And we still are.

This is why Samuel Adam’s words still ring true to the American soul – a soul that was built upon generations of mavericks:

The redistributing of wealth and pooling of property are despotic and unconstitutional.

Americans thrive on the spirit of free enterprise and the freedom to pursue it.

The government must not cripple America’s genius.

God Bless,

Janine Turner


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