Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The Ransom of Reason

Reason be and reason we
Away our distant shores
Wander not and wanton trot
Afraid of written mores

Did we not through seasons see
The meaning, yet for many
We forgot the how,
We riddled out the penny

“I know this and I know that
Believe me for I’ve the vision
Follow me and listen now
For I rewrite the mission

We is the forgotten us
It matter not for you
I seek your best and vest my truths
It is I who reap the view.”

Freedom this and Freedom that
Ring in empty vestibules
History renders ghosts forgotten
Lost the written tools

“I seize the rapture
Seek doleful and the bane
Meeker making spirit spree
I linger not in vain

Feed the weakness, starve the heart
Watch the soul regress
Rhyme and reason take their toll
Happy opportune the guess.”

By Janine Turner


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