My name is Liorah Haynes and I am a seventh grader honors student attending Heritage Middle School in New Windsor, New York. I play the trumpet, sing in a school choir, usher at my church and do sports such as volleyball and soccer. When I’m older I aspire to be a veterinarian. A few years ago my parents took me to the Washington D.C memorial in a way to encourage me to know and honor the Constitution and the sacrifices made by others. I am thankful to all my family and friends who support me and to the people who made me who I am today.

View Liorah’s Winning Photograph Here.


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  1. Danette
    Danette says:

    Miss Haynes,
    Love your visual composition. The two things I will remember from it are the patriotic boxing gloves and the gravestone injustices epitaph. Very cool!


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