Kristie McCrary is an attractive, articulate, seasoned executive with 21 years experience in making things happen where others were not able to. She is one of those unusual people who not only arranges for others to appear on TV but has been personally featured in bumper segments herself.

Kristie is trusted and respected by the top people in the TV industry reporting directly to Pat Robertson, CBN Chairman where she was recognized with the 2009 Presidents Award for Excellence for outstanding performance demonstrating, innovation, integrity and excellence. As Special Events Coordinator for the Christian Broadcasting Network, Kristie was responsible for the Development of dozens of programs, guest lists and ideas for the 700 club and the creation and development of new fundraiser ideas and events Resulting in an increase of 83% in giving.

Kristie manages people and is known as the “Idea Jedi” filled with new ideas. She developed and led the implementation of a live 2008 Webcast event featuring Dr. Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen of the 700 Club. She also had the coveted responsibility of kicking off the 2009 SuperBook Premier night.

Kristie has the innate ability to open doors, cultivate new partnerships and sustain & re-establish relationships with part partners, film pr
oducers and PR relationships, which she did with I am Second and 3Partners. She negotiated deals with the top executives of firms such as: FOX News, ABC,O Magazine, NBC Today Show,
Socrates in the City-Eric Metaxas, the Q and others. She was also responsible for the planning and implementation of the 911 Ten Year Anniversary Dinner and program for 330 guests. Recruiting and hosting featured 9/11 Survivors and speakers: Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell-Pentagon Survivor and Sujo John – North Trade Tower survivor. Both films are at She was entrusted with setting up high-profile back to back events in Manhattan with Pastors of large Churches and media affiliates.

“Kristie is the most organized person I think I have ever met. She could organize a bowl of spaghetti and get it all straightened out. She is amazing.”
Governor Mike Huckabee

Kristie has a passion for people and understands the dynamics of relationships. She has been called the “Hope Whisperer” for her ability to put the spin on anything. Some of the outstanding celebrities and sports figures she was able to bring on were:

Clayton Kershaw:
LA Dodgers Ace Pitcher, Gold Glove Winner & MLB All Star

Kathy Ireland:
Supermodel Worldwide

Matt Kemp:
LA Dodgers, Center Fielder, two time Gold Glove Winner

Brady James:
Dallas Cowboys & Houston Texans

She holds a B.S. in Telecommunications from Oral Roberts University
where she was on the National Deans List and Presidents Council, served in the Student Senate and was voted Student Body Vice President for 2 ½ years. Additionally she has taken steps to keep abreast & ahead of the curve with courses such as: Executive Coachingby Elaine Morris and Ultimate Leadership by Dr. John Townsend.