Republic For Which It Stands

The states will sound the general alarm
And the people with sufficient storm
Will rally against all usurpation
That Federal forms against the norm

The genius of the people reign
And will forever be the mindful stance
Fervor will forsake the season
And be quieted by right circumstance

The Federal will know its place
And knowledge will be the armor
The people wear to venture forth
Reasoned passion is the banner

They know their rights, stand by law
The branches right all wrongs
With checks they witness righteous measures
And balance out the demigods

Hail the unity, Hail the purpose
Hail the mighty temperate pride
Raise the calling for all posterity
Deny not your inherent stride

Be the voice, be the vote
Continue your living legacy
Be the evergreen of scene
Ring true the blessed liberty

Janine Turner

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

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