Guest Essayist: Janine Turner

Howdy from Hollywood! Cathy and her daughter, Mollie, Juliette and I are in Hollywood, “Constituting America!” We met with a producer today regarding many things, including ideas for television specials and our game show! Tomorrow we are meeting with many, many people in the Hollywood industry to spread the word about our “90 in 90” blog and our “We the People 9.17 Contest!!”

Juliette and I have had a whirlwind trip starting in Texas. We traveled to New York City, Boston,  Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and now to Hollywood – all in the span of less thank two weeks!! We are “Constituting America” from the Atlantic to the Pacific!

I thoroughly enjoyed our Federalist Paper No. 38 today by the splendid James Madison. As he mentioned last night, it truly was the miraculous power of the “Almighty” that brought the new Constitution to fruition. I do believe we all agree, that with the rancor and division in our current Congress, we will never be able to achieve such levels of genius as that exhibited by the distinguished members of the Constitutional Convention.

Yet, I believe we are at as equally a dangerous crossroad now as we were in 1787. Sickness strikes our generation and it is permeating to our posterity. Will we heed the call of the doctor? Vision appears to be the most potent medicine necessitated by our current crisis. Sacrifice appears to be the most needed human virtue and bravery the highest knock at the door. Who will answer?

I believe it will be the genius of the people.

Common sense seems is my summary of today’s Federalist Paper. The array of history recounted by James Madison, which describes how other countries gave the construction of their Constitutions to the power of one man, is stunning. “Fears of discord and disunion” blinded their best interests. Once again this reflects the amazing feat of unity in our historic Constitutional Convention.

James Madison’s following argument is also striking:

“..They have proceeded to form new states, to erect temporary governments; to appoint officers for them;
and to prescribe the conditions on which such states shall be admitted into the confederacy. All this has been done; and done without the least color of constitutional authority. Yet no blame has been whispered.; no alarm has been sounded. A GREAT and INDEPENDENT fund of revenue is passing into the hands of a SINGLE BODY of men, who can RAISE TROOPS to an INDEFINITE NUMBER, and appropriate money to their support for and INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME.”

Once again, it is common sense. Common sense reveals the tremendous burden of debt that is threatening our liberty – on all levels – social, spiritual, financial, physical. Is this going to be dealt with by our Congress? Do their hearts beat with that of pride or with that of the patriot? Will we be saved from “the dangers threatened by the present impotency of that assembly?”

We the people must prevail. We must sound the alarm with our voices and our votes. Many good men and women serve in our current Congress. May God bless them yet, “…a consultation is held: they are unanimously agreed that the symptoms are critical.”

James Madison speaks a truth that all Constitutionalists believe. It is spoken here in this Federalist Paper. He warns about the “discord and ferment that would mark their own deliberations” and that the Constitution would not stand a fair chance for “immortality.”

“Immortality.” The Constitution was written for immortality! Our current dire straights, discord and ferment threaten our Constitution’s immortality. Ironically, it is only with our Constitution’s breath that our country will be saved. It is common sense.

God Bless,

Janine Turner
Friday, June 18th, 2010

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