Howdy from Texas! It is overpoweringly evident by reading Federalist Paper No. 67 that the volley of political spin has always existed. The ever so baneful attempts to manipulate words, laws and situations to best fit the perspective of the beholder, or party, was as evident then as it is now. The art of this twisting of truths in the political realm, where the sphere of influence is so broad and the outcome so tenuous, is dangerous because of its power to shape history.

The incomprehensible drone and tactics of trying to redefine facts is certainly tangible today.  The best fortification against such an enterprising realm of humanity is knowledge. This is why my ever so favorite forefather, John Adams, stated, “Liberty cannot be sustained without a general knowledge among the people.”

This is why the education of our children is so important in the schools and in the home. What are our children learning in school? Do we agree with what is being taught? Knowledge is power. Are we discussing the foundation of our country with our children? They are never too young. Never. Keep a copy of the Constitution in your pocket, in your purse, on your kitchen table, on your phone. Pull it out; discuss the relevancy in regard to today’s events and news topics. Relish in the awe that such a document written over 200 years ago still holds within its words the guidance we need today.

Discuss how the rights that are embossed in the papers are ingrained in our American spirits.

Why? Because they were Providentially inspired. The United States Constitution was the springboard from which leapt the giant, transformational inspirations of justice, liberty and human dignity. We need it to preserve these God given attributes today. If we toss it aside like an old sock, then we toss aside our rights. With the Constitution’s demise we, as a country, as a free people, die.

Our United State’s Constitution is the world’s oldest Constitution still in use today – for good reason. Let’s keep it that way.

I thank you for joining us today and I thank Mr. Troy Kickler for his insightful essay!

God Bless,

Janine Turner

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


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