Howdy from Texas! I was a guest on a radio show this morning and I then completed reading the High School essays. Yea!! They are wonderful!! I just read Federalist Paper No. 56 and I am dashing out to feed the horses, clean stalls and drive an hour into town to pick Cathy up at the airport at 2:00. Whew! (We have meetings for Constituting America in Texas this week.)

I am on a time clock here because Cathy and I are going to be organizing all of our contest entries tonight so that we may mail them to our distinguished judges. I will not have time to write an essay tonight! Thus, I am going to quickly comment on the statement that I found to be thought provoking in Federalist Paper No. 56.

James Madison wrote:

“What are to be the objects of federal legislation? Those which are of most importance, and which seem most to require local knowledge, are commerce, taxation and the militia.”

Simply stated. Obvious intentions. The Federal government was intended to be small. The states were intended to be sovereign. The voice of the people viable.

Time to reclaim our country.

God Bless,

Janine Turner

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

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