Juliette has been able to learn from her mother’s power to prevail while sharing many of the same life interests. Juliette wrote the bestselling book Our Constitution Rocks!(HarpersCollins/Zondervan) at age 12. Our Constitution Rocks, currently in its second printing with over 50,000 copies sold, is endorsed by Former First Ladies Laura and Barbara Bush, President Clinton’s White House Counsel Jack Quinn, constitutional scholars, and many other political leaders of both parties. At age 16, Juliette Turner’s second book was published: Our Presidents Rock! (HarpersCollins/Zondervan) Our Presidents Rock brings American presidents to life for America’s future generation —using fun anecdotes and an engaging sense of humor to inspire young Americans to learn about leadership and history. Juliette’s new novel, That’s Not Hay In My Hair, will hit the shelves March 8, 2016 (Zondervan).

Juliette Turner is the National Youth Director of Constituting America, a group founded by her mother and co-chaired with Cathy Gillespie that is dedicated to educating Americans about the founding documents. Juliette reaches youth across America with her engaging books, motivational speeches, entertaining videos and media interviews. Juliette was the youngest author ever to speak at Mt. Vernon’s George Washington Symposium, and was recently one of four featured authors at the Dallas Celebration of Reading, along with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mark Shriver and ABC’s Byron Pitts.

As a dynamic duo, the Turners have been speaking to groups around the country, mixing pop culture and American history to engage apathetic citizens to get engaged. Beyond their dedication to the country, the Turners love spending time with each other; Juliette enjoys farming with Janine on the longhorn cattle ranch, helping Janine on the set of her recent films, co-recording an album with Janine, attending church with Janine, and working side-by-side on Janine’s radio show.