Juliette Turner

Juliette Turner, daughter of actress Janine Turner, served as National Youth Director for Constituting America from 2010-2017. In 2017, she was appointed Executive Director. Juliette currently serves on the Constituting America Board of Directors.

She is the author of Our Constitution Rocks (2012), Our Presidents Rock (2014), and the novel That’s Not Hay in My Hair (2016), all published by HarperCollins Zondervan.

Our Constitution Rocks, a national best seller that is used in classrooms across the country, breaks down every article, section, and clause of the Constitution in a fun, hip, and cool way. It is endorsed by President Clinton’s White House Counsel Jack Quinn, Former First Ladies Laura and Barbara Bush, constitutional scholars, and many other political leaders of both parties. Our Presidents Rock brings American presidents to life for America’s future generation —using fun anecdotes and an engaging sense of humor to inspire young Americans to learn about leadership and history.

Juliette has delivered over 100 speeches to schools and conventions across America, ranging from the Barack Obama School for Male Leadership in Dallas to the George Washington Symposium at Mount Vernon. She was one of four featured authors at the Dallas Celebration of Reading, along with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mark Shriver and ABC’s Byron Pitts.

Juliette is the co-creator, author, and voice of the Constitutional Minute (a syndicated fun and informational minute on the radio) with her mother Janine Turner.

As a dynamic duo, the Turners have been speaking to groups around the country, mixing pop culture and American history to engage apathetic citizens to get engaged. Beyond their dedication to the country, the Turners love spending time with each other on their longhorn cattle ranch in Texas.

Juliette is a graduate of Rice University.

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