I am from Monarch Beach, California and currently a world history teacher at Serrano Intermediate School in Lake Forest, California. The students in my classes are fascinating people and I am confident in their abilities to learn, grow, and make valuable contributions to our society. That is why I collaborate with other teachers to do cross-curricular activities, share stories about my travels, my entrepreneurship in the food business, and take interest in what students have to say about history and its lessons. Fundamentally, I promote student ownership for learning. Treasuring our Constitution, practicing what we preach, and knowing our place in history is our guiding light. Students in my classes do brilliant things, have excellent curiosities, and learn so much. We go on fun adventures, perform engaging puppet shows, do hard work, visit museums, and celebrate remarkable accomplishments throughout history at our World’s Faire. Certainly, my hope is students come away knowing life loves a student.

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