Interactive Constitution: Live!

Interactive Constitution: Live

Where Your Student Body Interacts with a Bi-Partisan Political Panel

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Dear Educator,

Kids are Bored with Speakers

I am pleased to announce the premiere of my foundation, Constituting America’s, special and one of a kind new lecture series, “The Interactive Constitution: Live.” This series will be a two-part session that will occur in the fall and the spring of your school year. It will involve your high school student body in an interactive way. Kids are bored with routine speakers speaking “at” them. Thus, we have created a speakers series that has the speakers speaking “with” them. Your students will be involved in an exciting and inspiring interactive discussion. This series will bring to life the U. S. Constitution in a Bi- PARTISAN way. It will include speakers from a specially hand picked list, (available upon confirmation), that represents the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches from BOTH parties. In order to explain the relevancy and importance of the U.S. Constitution we are providing speakers that encompass all aspects of the Constitution from the federal, state and local arenas – just as our founding fathers intended it. Many kids are familiar with the President only and are unaware of the necessities of the “people’s branch,’ – the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch – not to mention the crucial role States play and their own local communities.

Fall and Spring Sessions

To incorporate all levels of government, our exciting Interactive Constitution: Live series will represent the Federal Government in the fall session and the State and Local governments in the spring session. In the fall session we will have speakers from the United States Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches. In the spring we will have speakers from the States, Local and Community governments. The speakers will sit at a panel and be presented with Constitutionally relevant questions, (that are attached), regarding each branch. My 16 year-old daughter, Juliette Turner (author of the best selling book, Our Constitution Rocks), and I will moderate. A natural “debate” will occur between the “branches,” encouraging your student body to “interact” with questions per topic, or per inspiration!

We Value Bi-Partisan Politics

We VALUE bi-partisan politics as we BELIEVE that the U.S. Constitution is non-partisan. Both parties will be represented simultaneously, thus a natural exchange of views will occur which will inherently sharpen the reasoning skills of your student body. We encourage you to spend a class or two before our visit with the prepared questions to stimulate a lively interaction and debate between the panelists and your student body.

We are enthusiastic about out new speaker series, The Interactive Constitution: Live. Please book your school now. Demand is high. We want your school to be included!



Janine Turner

Actress, Northern Exposure Founder & Co-Chair


————–Panel Questions————


 Legislative Branch Questions

  1. Do you believe it is the right of the branches of government to expand and alter the Constitution or the people’s rights through the Amendment Process?
    1. Where do you believe the people’s representatives, in all branches, have crossed the line?
  2. How important is the Senate approval of Supreme Court Justices?
    1. Do Senators make impartial decisions or party decisions?
  3. George Washington said in his Farewell Address that the party system would be the demise of the country because people would care more about their party than America and Americans. Do you believe this is happening today?
    1. How are political parties beneficial?
    2. How are political parties detrimental?
    3. Chairman Michael McCaul’s Border Security Bill was only 23 pages, including amendments. Are you willing to try to curb the length of bills and make them more transparent for the people?
  4. James Madison said that in Federalist 62 that it is of no avail to elect men of our own choice if the laws are so voluminous that they cannot be read or so incoherent that they cannot be understood. Do you believe this is happening today?
    1. How are the mammoth comprehensive bills beneficial?
    2. How are the mammoth comprehensive bills detrimental?
  5. Do you believe the Legislative Branch is legislating themselves right out of the people’s heart and understanding?
    1. What can the Legislative Branch do to compete with the Executive Branch’s simplified messages?
  6. Do you believe the Executive Branch has usurped the Legislative Branch?
  7. Do you believe the Judicial Branch has usurped the Legislative and Executive branches?
  8. What has been the best Judicial decision in curbing the Legislative Branch?
    1. What has been the best Judicial decision in curbing the Executive Branch?

Executive Branch Questions

  1. The military seems to be most in keeping with George Washington’s warning about the party system

– that it would be the ruin of America. The military is non-partisan. It answers to all presidents of all parties. Please explain the importance of both of these points in regard to defending the country.

  1. How could this non-partisan way of working benefit America and Americans?
  2. Discuss the history of the Defense Department and how it fits under the Executive Branch umbrella.
  3. Discuss how the Founding Fathers wanted a check on the President in the Executive branch and how they separated the powers. One example is the House holding the purse strings.
    1. Discuss how the President in the Executive Branch often circumvents this “check.”
  4. Discuss the “War Powers Act” that the Legislative Branch passed, giving the President unilateral powers regarding war and declaring war for a limited time.
    1. Do you think this Act is beneficial or detrimental?
  5. Discuss the chain of command within the Defense Department.
  6. How has war changed over the years?
  7. What is America’s greatest threat?
  8. Please discuss how all Armed Forces swear allegiance to protect the U.S. Constitution.
    1. Why is this important?

Judicial Branch Questions

  1. What is the most important Supreme Court Decision in preventing tyranny in American history?
  2. What is the most important Supreme Court Decision affecting the American people positively?
    1. What is the most important Supreme Court Decision affecting the American people detrimentally?
    2. What are your views regarding many judges “legislating from the bench?”
  1. Do you believe the Supreme Court or Federal Courts usurp the people’s branch – the Legislative Branch?
    1. Do you believe that the Supreme Court is as our Founding Fathers intended?
  2. Do you believe the impact of Marbury vs. Madison was in keeping with the Founding Fathers’ vision?
  3. What American President in American history did the most to alter the checks and balances of the U.S. Constitution?

State Legislature Questions

So many kids are focused soley on the Federal government, most especially the President. Explain why our Founding Fathers wanted a multi-tiered government.

  1. Explain some of the responsibilities of the State Legislature
  2. What are the responsibilities of the Governor?
  3. Do you believe the Federal government is usurping States’ Rights?
    1. Give some examples
    2. In what way do the states need the Federal government?
    3. Do any of these ways breach the Constitutional limitations
    4. How can the States regain independence?
  4. How do you explain to the voting populace why State elections matter?
  5. How does one get involved in State politics?
  6. How old do you have to be?
  7. How do you feel the 17th Amendment has helped or hurt States’ rights?
  8. How did the 17th Amendment help or hurt the people’s rights and/or liberties?


Local Government Questions

  1. What are examples of local government?
    1. Why does local government matter?
    2. Why is it important that people vote in local elections?
    3. How can one be informed about local candidates?
    4. How is local government different now than what our Founding Father’s envisioned?
      1. How do these differences affect liberty?
      2. How do these difference protect liberty?
    5. Explain how the local government best represents the community’s needs?
      1. What is the hardest part about the job?
      2. What is the most rewarding part about the job?
    6. How does one run for office and how old do you need to be?


Community Civic Duty Questions

  1. Explain why it is important to be an active citizen in the community even if you do not hold a political position.
  2. Why do so many people not understand why being involved in liberty is so important?
  3. How does a citizen not get discouraged in the political process?
  4. What are some example of citizen duties, responsibilities and opportunities?
  5. How old does one have to be, to be involved?
  6. How do you feel that the Federal government helps or hurts the needs of the local community?
  7. How do you feel the State government helps or hurts the needs of the local community?
  8. Do you believe the Founding Fathers’ vision is being honored?
    1. How has it changed?
    2. What changes are better?
    3. What changes are worse?
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    Mandy Bell says:

    I am interested in this series for my class. I previously emailed about this but never received a reply. Thanks for your efforts.


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