Impact Statement

We are the only organization that utilizes the movies, music and television with the kids’ own works, to inspire Americans of all ages to learn about the U.S. Constitution by distributing their works through the national media.

Our Impact

The core of our mission is to educate Americans about the Constitution and the rights and liberties it provides and protects for all of us. We accomplish that mission through several programs, including our keystone program — the national We The Future Contest for kids. We also have an exciting new program that features Constituting America Founder and Co-Chair Janine Turner and daughter, National Youth Director Juliette, speaking in person and via “Skype” to classrooms around the country. Our 90 in 90 Study Program: History Holds the Key to the Future is a scholastic study with essays on the founding documents of our country, written by constitutional scholars from the best universities and law schools in the country. Here are a few of the major programs with the highlights and impact we have accomplished over the past six years (2010-2015):

  • We The Future Contest: We have received entries from students in 47 states and have awarded more than $95,000 in scholarship funding for the national We The Future Contest winners.
  • Mentoring Trips: Our winners have traveled on all expense paid trips to Philadelphia for performances at the National Constitution Center, educational tours and learned from historical interpreters! Last year they traveled to Nashville (mentored by Vince Gill), Hollywood (mentored by Gary Sinise) and Washington, DC (mentored by Bret Baier and Brit Hume) for meetings, performances and all dined with a constitutional scholar! This summer brings trips to Nashville (Lari White & Chuck Cannon); and New York (Sean Hannity & Monica Crowley & film producer Micheal Flaherty).

National Exposure & Impact Of Our Contest Winners’ Winning Works

  • NEW for 2016: We have hired Grassroots Promotion to promote winning songs with guaranteed radio station airplay, in addition to Rocking For Freedom CD available on iTunes & e-music platforms. To date, Joy Frost’s song has aired on 44 radio stations over 1,250 times with more spins being added daily & achieved top 20 ranking in Play MPE’s download ranking! Check out our past best song winner, Emily Keener, on this season’s The Voice!
  • Distribution of the Students’ Films and Constituting America’s Documentaries to Film Festivals: We The Future Contest winning short films and Constituting America produced documentaries were accepted at 8 film festivals across the country, with one winning two awards, reaching an audience in excess of 45,000!
  • Students’ PSA’s to Television: 31 TV stations are currently playing our We The Future Contest winning PSAs, reaching over 2 million households.

Resources for Schools

  • School Speaking & Skype Program: Now utilizing Skype and Google Hangouts featuring Janine Turner, Juliette Turner and our winners to conduct virtual classroom presentations promoting constitutional education – over 166 speeches to over 10,000 adults & students; with one minute “teaching clips” from the speeches reaching 100’s of thousands!
  • Distribution of Constituting America Documentaries: Produced and distributed 20,000 Constitutional Documentaries to schools.
  • Distribution of Our Constitution Rocks Books to Schools: Over 11,000 Our Constitution Rocks books have been distributed to teachers, school administrators, after school programs, and legislators at state and federal level by an enthusiastic outside donor.
  • 90 in 90 Essay Project: Academic studies on the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the Amendments, and the Classics that inspired the Constitution resulted in 632 essays contributed by 98 constitutional scholars. Last year’s study on executive overreach had over 36,000 social media shares! This year’s study entitled “The Intrigue of Presidential Elections And Their Constitutional Impact” launched February 15, 2016.

Spreading The Word

  • Patriot Clubs: 27 active Patriot Clubs in 13 states, working locally and regionally to promote our programs, education and awareness among adult communities and students.
  • Social Media: Constituting America and Janine Turner’s combined Facebook accounts have over 196,230 fans and combined Twitter accounts have over 23,900 followers.
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