Happy Valentine’s Day from Constituting America! What Do You Love About the United States Constitution? Tell Us Here, On Our Blog!

What do you love about the United States Constitution? Is it the Checks and Balances? Separation of Powers? The Amendment Process? Blog with us below, and let us know!

Coming February 20th! Our 90 Day Study of the Amendments to the United States Constitution! Read, Watch, Listen & Blog with Constitutional Scholars and Constituting America Founder & Co-Chair Janine Turner and Co-Chair Cathy Gillespie!

Study a different Amendment or portion of an an Amendment each night as we walk through the 27 Amendments to the United States Constitution, and the amazing Amendment Process!

Mark your calendar to join us February 20th, and for the next 90 days, right here!


9 replies
  1. Bill Scott
    Bill Scott says:

    I like the whole thing. Some today say it does not apply to our current age. It is, like the Bible, always up-to-date and currently applicable. If they would only operate by it, they would discover that it really is pertinent to today’s governance. The current administration is evidence that it needs to be applied to the government today to realize success.

  2. Bill Turley
    Bill Turley says:

    What I love most about our founding documents is how they have proven durable and satisfactory for so very long. I don’t really have a portion that is so great, it is the amalgamation that is so good.

  3. Bob Mertill
    Bob Mertill says:

    Love everything about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. What I would really love would be politicians sitting down and actually reading it.

  4. Tina Bogani
    Tina Bogani says:

    I love that the Constitution is the first document ever on the planet that describes how free people will govern themselves. I love that it describes a limited government and that the people’s rights are derived from God and Nature, not a king or a dictator or an “expert”. I love how the Constitution limits the power government has over free people. I love how the Constitution set us free from tyranny, and continues to keep us free from it! I love how it asks free people to be responsible for their government, and that we can and should participate in our self-governing. If we do not continue to love our Constitution and self-government, tyranny will surely return…

  5. Linda & Halley
    Linda & Halley says:

    We love the Bill of Rights! We especially love number one and number ten, which allow us to speak our minds, be people of faith and give our lovely state it’s rights.

  6. Maria Seal
    Maria Seal says:

    I love that you are supporting and fostering a love for the Constitution, especially in young people who do not get much real history in their education. If they never hear the inspiring words of our past heroes –they are doomed to scrabble about in the muddy swamp that is Despair; with only the dull, dull company of an undistinguished and leaderless mob. We mustn’t let them feel that, that’s all there is.

  7. WC
    WC says:

    The Checks and Balances to me are the best part of the Constitution or at least as it was written. The problem though if your different levels of government make a career out of government and the collusion becomes prevalent it becomes more of a “balance and check” whereas it is really counter productive.
    The system as set up was great, but when any one falters there is the attraction of corruption and when any one of these fails to act it becomes conspiratorial and unchecked it becomes destructive. With the help of Re-Constituting America and all their assistance we can overcome this and get things back on track.

  8. CA.org
    CA.org says:

    Thank you, Linda, Halley, WC, Maria, Tina, Bob, Bill & Bill for replying to our Valentine’s Day Message, “What do you love about the United States Constitution!” We hope you will join us on February 20 as we launch our 90 Day Study of the 27 Amendments to the United States Constitution!

    Watch for a new homepage soon that features our upcoming study “Above the Fold!” Please Continue to Read, Watch, Listen and Blog with us!

    Janine & Cathy

  9. Gary Tillery
    Gary Tillery says:

    It is a document that was written by the courage of those who came from abroad to establish a nation founded upon freedom instead of monarchy. It is a document that men and women had the courage to lay down their lives in fighting for freedom from Britain. It is a document that men and women had the courage to lay down their lives to fight for freedom for blacks in America. It is a document that yours and my great grandparents, grandparents, parents have layed down their lives to protect through many wars so others could share our freedom. It is a document that those who hate our freedom are attempting to destroy this day. It is a document that Vets have layed down their lives to defend and may have to do so again to defend the document. It is a document that guarantees our freedoms and without it WE HAVE NO FREEDOMS.


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