Gerald Huesken – Honorable Mention, Teacher Lesson Plan

Gerald Huesken is a Social Studies teacher, focused on World History and Government & Economics, at Elizabethtown Area High School in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Mr Huesken has been teaching at Etown for the better part of a decade. At the high school, he serves not only as a teacher, but also a club advisor and assistant director / drill instructor for the Elizabethtown Area High School Marching Band. His 11th Grade Government & Economics class is a well-designed effort to get students not only to understand the workings of government and the US Constitution, but also think about it in their day-to-day lives and connect it with current issues and events with their own community. Mr Huesken also holds a Masters degree in History from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a Masters degree in Education from Wilkes University. He serves locally as a researcher and historian of local history, teaches an elective course on state and local history of Pennsylvania and the Etown community, and is a published historian, having had research appear in publications like the Journal of Lancaster County History. A state certified K-12 online educator by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Mr Huesken lives in Elizabethtown with his wife, Emily, his children Olivia and Owen, and their many family dogs and cats. Feel free to check out more of what is going on in Mr Huesken classroom at his district website:

Click here to download Mr. Huesken’s Honorable Mention Lesson Plan, The Preamble Video Challenge!

Click here to download The Preamble Video Challenge Student Handout

Click here for the playlist to Mr. Huesken’s students’ work


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