Emmalisa Horlacher, 23, Best College Song Winner, grew up in Utah but spent recent years living in Virginia where she got to tour the Museum of National History displaying the Constitution as well as visit multiple Civil War sites. She is currently attending BYU and is in the process of applying for the Media Arts Program. She is involved in two Art Internships for Future House Publishing company and The Valley New Media Project. She spends free-time doing freelance video editing work for Peter Myers. She loves to write, sing, volunteer and work on creative projects like making pop-up cards and wire wrapped rings.



Corbin Jones, Best College Song Winner: My name is Corbin Jones. I Currently live in Provo Utah, I have lived in Huntsville Alabama and in the Portland area. I am one of 8 kids and have grown up with a family that are very strong supporters of the constitution. I grew up taking several classes about the founding of the country, and have been a huge advocate for supporting America and the beliefs it was founded upon. I have played guitar since I was fourteen years old and play the piano and ukulele as well. Music is a very big part pod my life. I love to play sports, camp, just be outdoors and be with other pole. I am a product design major at Brigham Young University. I spent two years on a mission trip for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Northern California, serving and teaching people.



Click here or below to watch Emmalisa Horlacher & Corbin Jones’ winning song!

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