Elise Esparza, Winner, Best Poem

Elise Esparza is a 10 year old fifth grader from Reagan Elementary in Cedar Park, Texas. She loves to write, draw, dance, swim, and ride her bike. Elise’s love for writing was passed down from her late grandmother, Nam Kỳ Cô Nương, who was a prolific Vietnamese poet. Though Elise resides in Texas, she typically spends her summers in Los Angeles, California, where she was born. In addition to her creative and athletic endeavors, Elise likes to cook (and eat!). She started a cooking channel on YouTube when she was 6 years old called “Baking with Elise.” Elise is extremely excited and honored to be the Best Poem winner for 2020. She knows that her grandmother would be proud of her.

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We the People

Without the Constitution
We’d be lost
With no rules and no order
It’d be pure chaos
Not one, not two, but three branches of government
Ensure that “We the People”
Are the boss

The legislative branch makes the laws
And the executive branch carries them out
But the judicial branch interprets the laws
And can say, “Hey! That’s not what the Constitution is about!”

It’s a system of checks and balances
And it’s the highest law of the land
The U.S. Constitution of America
Meant to protect every child, woman, and man

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