Elhaam Atiq – Winner, Conrad Ainslie Bauman Award for Best Artwork

Elhaam Atiq, 10, is a proud Texan who lives in Richmond, TX. She is the second child to her parents and has 2 sisters.  Her winning artwork depicts the diversity we see in America today and how this is a strength that adds to our country’s greatness.

Elhaam is a member of her school’s National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS), Art Club and Destination Imagination Team. As a Girl Scout, Elhaam is very good at taking up responsibility and leading a team. She has developed entrepreneurial skills by actively participating in Cookie sales. Elhaam loves community service and jumps at the opportunity to take a leading role. At a local relief center, she sorted clothes for needy refugee families locally and abroad. She helped to lead a bake sale which raised funds for a service project for the Hispanic Muslim community.

She loves to spend time with her grandparents and often indulges in conversation of how life was 30 years ago. In her free time, Elhaam enjoys making Tik Tok videos and pranking her sisters. She has been swimming for years and is a skilled swimmer.

Elhaam loves camping and travelling. Her best vacation was the trip to Europe in the summer of 2019 in which she explored different cultures, languages and cuisines. Even though Elhaam was born with a congenital heart defect, she is a healthy, strong and happy girl today who values the gift of life.

Click Here to view Elhaam’s Winning Artwork or scroll down!

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