Constituting America’s Impact Statement



Constituting America’s mission is to utilize the culture and multi-media outreach such as

music, film, internet, and social media to reach, educate and inform America’s adults and students about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights.

Our multi-tiered approach features a contest for kids, academic forums with Constitutional Scholars, the George Washington – We Are All Americans School Speaking Program, and Patriot Clubs. National Youth Director Juliette Turner engages youth across America with her book, Our Constitution Rocks, speeches, videos and media interviews!

We are the only organization that utilizes the arts and culture to inspire adults and students to learn about the U.S. Constitution!




1,199,448 Website Page Views To Date!


Positively impacting the Culture

We The Future Contest

  • Over 1200 Song, Short Film, PSA, Artwork, Poetry, Speech, Essay Contest Entries from 47 States
  • 51 Contest Winners from 22 States
  • $48,000 in scholarship funds awarded
  • 4 trips to Philadelphia with 16 kids plus a parent for 3 days of history, education
  • & performances of their winning works
  • 4 private tours of Independence Hall
  • 4 performances at the National Constitution Center
  • 223,959 Hits on Youtube & Vimeo from our Contest Entries, Documentaries & Videos
  • Over 20,000 Documentaries distributed to schools across the country

In our Winners’ Words

  • “The whole experience has been amazing to me because I have been able to learn more about the Constitution than I could in just the regular classroom setting. I hope more people participate in this because even if you don’t get chosen, you learn a lot just by trying to enter the contest,” Kenthia Farmer, Tennessee, Best College Short Film Winner.
  • “The whole trip’s been incredible and it’s only been a day,” Annie Nirschel, Best High School Song Winner.
  • “I don’t want to leave. I am sad. I am so sad. I don’t want to get on that plane! I’m hoping I miss my flight so I can stay an extra day. I loved it. Everything was great!  Yesterday (the first day of the trip) was one of the best days of my life. That was a good day. Everything… It was awesome!” Colton Hinderliter, Best High School Short Film Winner.


Winner Promotions

Our winners’ Public Service Announcements are playing on the following Television Stations:

  • Amarillo (KAMR)

  • Austin (KXAN)
  • El Paso (KTSM)
  • El Paso (KVIA)
  • College Station (KAGS)
  • Waco (KWKT)
  • El Paso (KFOX)
  • Houston (KHOU)
  • El Paso (KDBC)

We submit our winners’ films to film festivals

In 2014 The Palm Beach International Film Festival featured Chasity Cagle’s Winning film & the Tupelo Film Festival is featured Constituting America’s RoadTrip Documentary

We have also submitted our winners’ films to over 50 festivals including:

  • Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF)
  • Teen Truth Film Festival
  • Teen Truth Film Festival
  • Atlanta Film Festival

Our winners have performed at:

  • The National Constitution Center (four years in a row)
  • In front of Independence Hall
  • On the Mike Huckabee radio show
  • On Nashville’s WSM, the station of the Grand Ole Opry &
  • Attended parties at the home of country musician, John Rich
  • At the U.S. Congressional Baseball Game
  • At the Susan B. Anthony Gala in Washington, DC
  • At the Colorado Freedom Festival
  • At the Mansfield, Ohio Central Park Gazebo event
  • At Rotary Events in several states
  • At our Dallas & Stamford Connecticut Constituting America Premieres
  • At our Constituting America Constitutional Champion Gala
  • At a Nashville event featuring female Governors & State Legislators from across the country
  • New Horizons of Southwest Florida (helping at-risk children & teens)

In addition, our winners have

  • Appeared on Fox & Friends
  • Spoken to their schools & school board
  • Participated in Veterans Day Programs
  • Manned booths at school district festivals
  • Recorded podcasts for our 90 Day Studies
  • Been featured in radio, magazine and newspaper stories across the country
  • In our Winners’ words:
    • “Being a musician, any time I can perform in front of an audience, it’s a great experience professionally and Constituting America has given me great audiences to perform for. Constituting America has completely opened up doors. Here in Nashville I got to perform my winning song for a group of female legislators.  Jo Dee Messina, a country star, was there as well some faculty members from Bellmont.  I also got to sing the national anthem for the Congressional Baseball Game. So, I was able to perform for some leaders in the government as well as leaders in the music industry. That was amazing,” Kori Caswell, Missouri, Best College Song Winner
    • “After the trip, actually, Governor Mike Huckabee invited me to appear on his show. Appearing on national television made me feel like I could do anything. It’s experiences like that that make me fall in love with performing and with what I do. Being a part of Constituting America inspired and has continued to inspire me to chase after my dreams and to, in turn, set an example for my generation in the hope that they will dothe same (with the knowledge of all their rights and freedoms here in America)!” Emily Keener, Ohio, Best Middle School Song Winner
    •  “Working with Janine Turner and seeing her passion and energy for the Constitution really inspired me to make a difference in the world and it definitely influenced my career goals,” Natalie Cuzmenco, North Carolina, Best College Short Film Winner.


Resources for Schools and families

  • The George Washington “We Are All Americans” Speakers’ Initiative Constituting America Founder & Co-Chair Janine has spoken to thousands of students, adults and seniors at schools, community events and senior citizens centers in Texas and across the country.
  • Our Constitution Rocks Book Distribution to SchoolsThis summer, 2014, we are providing over 1400 copies of Constituting America National Youth Director, Juliette Turner’s book, Our Constitution Rocks, to teachers who have pledged to use the book in their classrooms.  Schools are located primarily in Texas in such areas as: Mission, Laredo, Humble, Presidio, Amarillo, Live Oak, El Paso & Liberty. We are also shipping to a Philadelphia school & Virginia Beach school!
  • We the People 9.17 DocumentariesProduced and directed three documentaries available for viewing or download on the Constituting America website and mailed in hardcopy to schools across the country.
    • 20,000 copies provided to schools
    • Over 90,000 plays on Vimeo & Youtube
    • Premiered in movie theaters in Dallas, Texas & Stamford, Connecticut
    • In the Teachers’ words:
      •  “Please send (9) additional copies of “The Constitution-Reality Show Style” to: Everman Independent School District,” Thank you, Marci Jones. “Could I please have a copy of the 40 minute “We the People 9.17 Documentary: The Constitution, Reality Style.” I would like to show it to my second grade students,” Thank You, Kathy Williams.
      •  “I would like a copy of the DVD, “We the People 9.17 Documentary: The Constitution, Reality show Style”. I am the Principal of a School of Choice in Marble Falls, Texas. Thank you for helping us with a Constitution program and the opportunity for some of our students to check into this years contest,” Peggy Little, Principal, FCHS.

National Youth Director Juliette Turner’s Youth Outreach

  • Juliette’s best-selling book, Our Constitution Rocks, hit the shelves in August 2012 and is already in its second printing with over 20,000 copies sold!
  • Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Bill Davis and Congressman Michael McCaul, one copy distributed to every member of Congress prior to Constitution Day 9-17-13. Mr. Davis has also made over 1,000 copies of the book available to students and teachers involved in the Bill of Rights Institute programs and training.
  • Over 800 copies of “Our Constitution Rocks,” have been given away to students as finalist prizes in our “We The Future” contest!
  • Juliette is the youngest author ever to address Mt. Vernon, at the George Washington Symposium & Juliette was one of four featured authors at the 2013 Dallas Celebration of Reading (along with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mark Shriver & ABC’s Byron Pitts.
  • Juliette’s Constituting America videos have over 50,000 views on YouTube & Vimeo

We Attend Educator Conferences Across the Country to Distribute Our Resources Directly to Teachers

  • Since 2011 Constituting America has attended 24 different educator conferences & grassroots conventions in 12 different states, adding 6,274 educators to our mailing list from these conventions.


For Adults

Archives & Blog – Annual 90 Day Studies

  • 2013 – The Classics That Inspired the Constitution & The Challenges It Faces Today
  • 2012 – Analyzing The Amendments
  • 2011 – The Constitution
  • 2010 – Relevancy of the Federalist Papers
    • 523 Essays from 85 Constitutional Scholars
    • 2,022 comments from Citizens across the Nation
    • 1,664 plays of 2013 90 Day Study Essays on MP3 (Soundcloud)
    • 8,138 plays of 2012 90 Day Study Videos on Vimeo
    • In the Study Participants’ words:
      • “I was so excited to hear about this educational 90 day project. I’ve been with you since the first one with the Federalist Papers and I have learned SO much! Thank you, Thank you, for this wonderful project and opportunity to learn even more about what the history of our Great Nation. I tell everyone I know about this site. Blessing to you both, Janine and Cathie for this, and I can’t wait to come here every day to learn more,” Barb.
      • “Janine & Cathy, thanks for continuing this important educational program. I’m looking forward to deepening my understanding our history and, hopefully, being able to pass on what I learn to others,” Ron.
      • “At the end of another chapter in your valuable work, those of us who have followed Constituting America from the beginning hope that you will continue to provide instructional material for those of us who were not properly instructed in school. Personally, I hope that you can develop [sic] a method of improving the classroom material available to teacher[s] in our school system. May God Bless you,” Jim.


  • Our We The People 9.17 Contest is open to adults! Last year, Constituting America launched a new category for adults 65+ to participate in our “We The Future” contest.
    • This year’s best short film winner in the adult category interviewed 55 friends about the U.S. Constitution and started a dialogue that is still ongoing
    • Our fist senior winner is an active 82 year-old from Colorado!
    • American House Senior Living Communities sponsored the Senior Essay portion of our contest, and invited all their residents and the American Association of Mature Citizens (AMAC) promoted our contest to thousands of their members

For All Ages

Patriot Clubs

20 Active Patriot Clubs Across the Nation

  • “I would think that our family always knew about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but in studying it in depth has made a huge difference for all of us and our appreciation for the sacrifices and increased our love of this country even more. My biggest takeaway would be the inspiration to carry it to the next level which included homeschooling Halley for two years and steeped in a US history curriculum. It’s been a fun ride. Thank you CA,” Linda Moak, Colorado, Patriot Club Leader.

Consult Our Scholars

  • 85 Constitutional Scholars published on our website available for interviews, questions and speeches

Constituting America Utilizes Social Media to communicate with teachers, parents, citizens and students: 1,752 Twitter followers; 63,714 Facebook fans



  • “College age is the age where a lot of people are voting for the first time… A lot of young people really don’t understand why they are voting or what they are voting for. They just know the Presidential election and there is a lot more to it. I think you have to understand the basic Constitution first before you can just go ahead and just start voting for people, because I think we just vote in our age group and not necessarily know exactly what it is that we are voting for, voting about,”
    ~Kenthia Farmer, Tennessee, Best College Short Film Winner.
  • “I’ve had so much support from Cathy and Janine at Constituting America. They really are invested in the kids that go through this program,”
    ~ Kori Caswell, Missouri, Best College Song Winner, 2012.
  • “The scholarship I received from Constituting America is allowing me to study abroad this coming spring.  Travelling abroad will be an opportunity to see the United States from a global perspective– a perspective which I believe is vital to a full understanding of our Constitution,”
    ~ Hannah Leffingwell, Colorado, Best High School Essay Winner.
  • “Since winning the contest, I have gone on to do a number of other things with CA. One of the biggest things was recording three podcasts for their 90 essays in 90 days.  I got to talk to a Cicero scholar over the phone, and that was really interesting because half the time he was speaking in Italian, and I had to ask him a lot of different questions about Italian words and how to say them. So the whole experience was learning experience and a fun one as well.  Then I’ve also gone on to do Janine Turner’s radio show a couple of times and that’s always a lot of fun,”
    ~ Colton Hinderliter, Georgia, Best High School Short Film & PSA Winner
  • “Well, when I came back from Philadelphia, I made a scrapbook.  I took my scrapbook to school and I encouraged all my friends to enter the CA contest,”
    ~ Myra Vicchrilli, Colorado, Best Poem Winner K-2.
  • “Participating in this contest has helped me learn more about the Constitution. Because I wanted to learn and study about the Constitution so my poem would be accurate for the contest.  And I needed to study for some questions that CA sent us that they would ask us in Philadelphia.  After visiting Philadelphia, I was encouraged to enter again because of how much fun it was and how important it was.  So then I studied and learned even more,”
    ~Bethany Cooksey, Oregon, Best Poem Winner
  • “The entire CA experience, I think, helped me become a more informed citizen.  We hear a lot  about our liberties and our freedoms, especially in the context of what’s going on right now.  You know the electronic surveillance.  Because of my experience with CA, it’s helped me become a more civically aware individual and know my rights, know the extent of the government’s power,”
    ~Joseph Valencia, Colorado, Best Middle School Song Winner
  • “Her (Sadie’s) experience with ya’ll is still one of the highlights of her life. She’s 13 now and is an amazing young woman. She has grown and matured and so has her love of the Constitution and what it means. She recently attended her first caucus here in Utah and loved it. Her involvement with your amazing organization sparked what I believe will be a lifetime love of the Constitution. She wants to be a lawyer so she can protect it,”
    ~Toni Albritton, mother of Sadie Albritton, Best Emblem Winner



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