Claire Zhu

Claire Zhu is a sophomore at Bridgewater-Raritan High School in New Jersey. She learned to code during the COVID-19 pandemic and since then has been dedicated to growing her knowledge and challenging herself. She also works outside of school to help her community by teaching Python classes to young kids over Zoom. In her free time, Claire enjoys listening to music, baking, and teaching herself new hobbies such as crocheting and playing the guitar.
At school, Claire is taking an AP U.S. History class where she learns extensively about American history and participates in debates, mock trials, and speeches. Her research about the Constitution has not only helped her in the class, but also improved her general understanding of the American government. She hopes that users of her ChatBot can learn something new about the Constitution and the country that they live in.


Click here to see her Winning Stem Project!

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