Howdy from Wisconsin! We filmed beautiful Evita Duffy, our Best Artwork winner, in Wisconsin yesterday and now we are traveling, in our Constituting America RV, to Illinois to film our Best Essay winner! Wow. Lost of miles on the road!! We get many honks from drivers as they pass us on the road – fellow Constitutionalists! Our transportation, FYI, is provided by Voyager Executive Sedan, (

Please check out the striking photos, photographed by the awesomely talented Doug DeMark, on our website, check out our videos, the winners works, and be sure to watch our New Music Video of Jacob Wood.

These efforts would not be possible without all of you who have been our patriotic donors.

Federalist Paper No. 81: Alexander Hamilton was a force with which to be reckoned. On his contributions – his drive, determination and brilliant foresight – rests our Constitution and its manifestation. He knew we would need a national constitution even during the Revolutionary war. He had an uncanny way of seeing the big picture. His visionary mind, coupled with the other brilliance of our forefathers, built America.

How is our vision today? Myopia is the mire of a Republic and its democratic faculties. How do the actions we take today, both as citizens and in our government, affect the future of our country? Sacrifice is the one word that best describes our revolutionary forefathers, foremothers, and colonial citizens.

Today, we must also sacrifice, in order to preserve our great country and we must also have vision. Crucial are the efforts and decisions we make as the genius of the people, the roots of the government.

As I travel America the beautiful, and see all of the small rural towns, I realize, that we should

Monday, August 23rd, 2010


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