Howdy from Arizona! As I read Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Paper No. 77, I have such an appreciation and gratitude for our founding fathers and revolutionary heroes, great and small. They fought for our independence and dignity of soul. Their bravery was no less when they had the fortitude to gather at the Constitutional Convention and construct a document that furthered the principals of the Declaration of Independence. The following paragraph by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper No. 77 reveals the genius of their collective vision.

“Does it also combine the requisites to safety, in a republican sense, a due dependence on the people, a due responsibility? The answer to this question has been anticipated in the investigation of its other characteristics, and is satisfactorily deducible from these circumstances; from the election of the President once in four years by persons immediately chosen by the people for that purpose; and from his being at all times liable to impeachment, trial, dismission from office, incapacity to serve in any other, and to forfeiture of life and estate by subsequent prosecution in the common course of law. But these precautions, great as they are, are not the only ones which the plan of the convention has provided in favor of the public security. In the only instances in which the abuse of the executive authority was materially to be feared, the Chief Magistrate of the United States would, by that plan, be subjected to the control of a branch of the legislative body. What more could be desired by an enlightened and reasonable people?”

Our founding fathers fiercely desired our President and our representatives to be held accountable and that they represent the people with the solemnity and dignity that the office deserves.

God Bless,

Janine Turner
Monday, August 16th, 2010


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