Answer for Thursday, April 3, 2014 Quiz Question

Congratulations to Thursday’s Winner:

“Our Constitution Rocks” Book Winner & Raffle Entry Winners:   

David Weakland
Marvin Watts

Honorable Mention:

Jill Mayfield

Thursday’s Question Was:

In her essay on Federalist 48, Janine Turner points out a quote from Thomas Jefferson, as very relevant today. What is the quote?

Thursday’s Answer Was:

“A great number of laws had been cast violating, without any apparent necessity, the rule requiring that all bills of a public nature shall be previously printed for the consideration of the people; although this is one of the precautions chiefly relied on by the constitution against improper acts of legislature.”

From Marvin Watts: “How is this relevant for today? The people had to wait until the Affordable Care Act became law to find out what was in it. We the people are paying the price. There are regulations in this law that we the people still do not know about. We the people have to become better informed.”

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