Addie Nester – Winner, Conrad Ainslie Bauman Award for Best Artwork

Addie Nester, 11, is a 5th grader at Grapevine Faith Christian School and lives in Texas with her parents and older sister. Addie has been drawing practically since she was old enough to hold a pencil and takes a sketchbook everywhere she goes. Addie especially loves drawing her own versions of book characters and is also trying to perfect her ability to draw humans. When Addie isn’t sketching you can typically find her reading, playing tennis, or spending time with her two dogs. Addie also enjoys the great outdoors, helping others, and hopes to one day have a career as either a cartoonist, photographer, or possibly an architect or interior designer. It will be exciting to see where Addie’s talent takes her!


Click here or scroll down to view Addie’s winning artwork.

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