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  1. James Coker
    James Coker says:

    I got interested when you were in Northern Exsposer and looked you up online and found out Your a CHRISTIAN! Did you know that Woodrow Wilson in 1913 established the Federal Reserve Bank and in 1914 tax on private citizens began which is un consitutional so said The Supreme Court in 1926 or 29. He said in 1919 I am a most unhappy man because I have unwhitingly destroyed my country! our founding fathers were vehemetly against central banks because they ruined Europe by causing,funding,and bankrupting these countries.Thomas Jefferson said if the American people ever give the power of coining and printing our money then one day our children will wake up in this country homeless and penniless because they will own everything He also said the financal institutions that would sprout around it would be a greater threat to our Liberties than standing armies! TRUMPET of GOD is chosen by JESUS to restore AMERICA’s (THE CHURCH) Greatness and will do it! He will also serve 2 terms that is why no President has been so lied about and attacked like him! The bottom line is these people hate GOD so they hate Donald(National Leader-Hebrew) but remember the greatest victory comes after the biggest battle. Mary K. Possey who is one of most powerful Intersessors on Earth who has a ministry in W.Africa called WALKING IN LOVE MIN. who I called last year and said to her that the election of Donald Trump was the single greatest miracle GOD has done for us since 1776 and she said I agree with you 100%. i strongly recommend you call her and have her to pray for your ministry. Of all the people I have met since Feb.28,1982 she is so full of THE HOLY SPIRIT that she can hardly speak without laughing because she has so much JOY and LOVE.She is my Spiritual Mother because JESUS chose her to teach me how to Pray only the WORD OF GOD if you want GOD to agree with you than you must have His WORD THE BIBLE in your Heart then say what GOD says! YESHUA BlessYou! And the best is yet to come!


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